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Are We Aging or Ageless?

Susan Kramer

Aging falls within the natural order of the physical universe. Aging is really just reconstruction. One form replacing another, repeatedly. We accept change more easily with objects wearing out, than with our physical bodies wearing out, even though we know that the elements in objects that are worn out become in some way part of another object in the future, as atoms are ageless. The atoms composing all creation continue on and on, alternating in cycles of solidified and free energy, seen or unseen to the human eye.

Even if we resist the obvious process of change, change still happens. With us, the natural evolution is that as our physical body deteriorates, we feel the internal incentive to begin developing our consciousness. We begin the journey of exploring our timelessness. So, the aging of our body is not a loss to us in the long run, it is a motivation for us to explore and expand in awareness of our soul's agelessness.

Others who observe the aging of our bodies are not necessarily aware that we may be regenerating, changing for the upward evolution of our internal and eternal conscious awareness. They do not realize that we are growing still, not in physical format, but growing into our expanded Self, our self that is an integral and eternal vibrant link in the entire seen and unseen creation.

But as we notice our bodies aging, it is a reminder, literally a wake-up call, to put our energy into the development of the esoteric qualities of love, kindness, caring; those qualities that expand our personal awareness of our interwoven life within all other life. When our current physical body ages so much that it no longer functions as the house for our mind and soul, we take up residence in an unseen but still conscious format in our progression of agelessness.

In format seen, format unseen, we continue on with unbroken consciousness of ourselves.

The deconstruction of our bodies is only a transition
in our progression of Self-awareness
Noticing that our bodies age is an incentive, a wake up call
to explore and learn about the agelessness of our being
As the moth nestled in a cocoon
seemingly slumbers unconsciously
it is in reality changing form
before breaking out into a new format
allowing greater freedom
So we, too can grow through kindness
within the sheltered cocoon of our aging bodies
and in one moment break free
Forever expanded in consciousness
Forever aware we are ageless

copyright 2001-2011 Susan Kramer