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Two Anger Release Techniques

Anger Management Meditations - Breathing Technique

By Susan Helene Kramer


Photo above is atop the ridge on East Camino Cielo looking north at Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County, California


My best habits are practicing meditation with regulated breathing, and self-analysis, combined with caring actions and ethical living. This allows me to sit firmly in a seat of harmony.

As we grow in understanding ourselves - what motivates our personal behavior - we may choose to upgrade our habits. And in the process of growing, harmonious actions and interactions more and more replace angry outbursts.

Meditation on the Breath

Sit comfortably, eyes closed, hands folded in lap.

Let's practice an even breathing technique to use if anger comes up later. Regulated even breathing takes concentration, so it can distract from escalating anger.

Practice counted breathing like this - mentally count 1, 2 as you breathe in; count 3, 4 as you breathe out; count 1, 2 as you breathe in, and continue this pattern as long as needed till your body feels calm and normal again.

Now just sit for 5 minutes or more practicing this even breathing pattern and notice how your body feels rested and your thoughts calm down.

Finish your meditation with one deep breath, then stretch out and go forward with this little emergency regulated breathing technique in mind, if needed. Click here for individual articles for kids:

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