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Susan Kramer

2000-2011 Susan Kramer

Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness

30 verses following the stages of life - early adulthood, family, advancing age


1. Coming of Age
2. Aligned
3. Loving Is What Counts
4. The Flow of Energy
5. Is Lying Ever Justified?
6. To Be Divinely Human
7. Energy of Happiness
8. Thoughts
9. Emotional Responsibility
10. Strong Inner Values
11. Our Foremost Goal
12. Mystical Love
13. Ultrasonic Communication
14. Living in our Center of Balance
15. Compulsion
16. Conscious Marriage
17. The Divine Beloved
18. The Magical Moment of Conception
19. Resolving Conflicts in Raising Children
20. Roles in Transition
21. Love and Harmony; Our Constant
22. Patience and Tolerance
23. We Seek to Find Completeness
24. Happiness; a Quality of our Soul
25. Human Love to Perfect Love
26. Progress in Consciousness Is a Process
27. Motherly Love; Unconditional Love
28. The Balancing Act as We Age
29. The Transience of Form in Time
30. Love

Remember these words
they'll teach and show
how in life we all should go
Whether we're young or very old
these are verses to be told …

Verse 1.

Coming of Age
via the search within
for the Self within
Experiencing all the love
we can possibly hold
through each moment of existence
Coming of age
via the search within
overflowing into
every nook and cranny of existence
Spreading outwardly
through caring, loving lives
Reflecting back
in the happy faces
of recipients
Our heart blossoming most fully
a fragrant flowering rose
The actions of our lives
The petals of our lives
falling gracefully from our laps
into the laps of all

Verse 2.

Each of us
a conscious soul
is master of our mind
We choose to dwell or not
on our passing thoughts
We choose when to use our mind
as a creative tool
to come up with solutions
Every action of our body
is response to a thought from mind
Conscious mind or cellular mind
Our bodily systems function as a result
of the intelligence of our cellular mind
Mind precedes bodily function
on all levels
Mind can change its mind
to reshape any function in our body
at any time
As conscious souls
we have control over the use of our mind
which passes on to mind having control over
the actions of our physical body
All states of mind
our emotions, attitudes, determinations
effectively alter the composition of our body
moment to moment
Bliss, the state of mind
closest to our conscious soul
most effectively balances, heals
bodily ills
Bliss is the reward for making the choice
to bring our mind into alignment
with the highest good of the moment
Bliss is blissful because it is
the fullest expression of each moment
Our mind aligned
with our soul by bliss
best blesses our body
and everybody

Verse 3.

Loving Is What Counts
Loving is what satisfies
It is the energy we feel as harmony
From single atom to worlds of atoms
nature links
in intelligent harmonious relationships
of giving, sharing
through their knowing cooperation
The parts align in completed forms
with lovingness their glue
Each part serves its purpose
Each atom surrendering
aspect of singleness
into molecular union of completeness
Love is unity
Love extends awareness into action
to preserve harmony
Love in the format of caring
keeps relationships nurtured, expanding
Loving is what counts
Lovingness pulls the loose ends of discord
back into the Self of harmony
By relaxing self-centeredness
we lovingly seep into others' lives
Imbuing each action, interaction
with lovingness
is the ultimate in creativity
Harmoniously blending with, uplifting
by positive words, actions
allows us and others to feel good
Our bodies feel warm, our minds content
Creatively loving aligns us
with the Creator's efforts to promote
harmony in our consciousness
Every time we take the opportunity
to find a way to create harmony
in a circumstance or interaction
we reinforce lovingness
in ourselves, others
Nothing feels better in body or mind
than the experience of love
We feel love by loving
We create the way
that makes every act the reality of love
by harmonizing
all aspects of the situation
Creative Lovingness
harmony in every aspect of relatedness
Love is our Self
transcending time, place, space
Love is our connection within immortality
By our increasing lovingness, caring
in daily living
we come to greater awareness
of our underlying Self
Proficiency in loving grows, develops
by practice
till it flows through our actions
gracefully uplifting any situation
to its highest capacity
What is love?
Love is us
manifesting through purified mind
in caring thoughts, actions
The more often we are loving
the more often we are being our Self
Acting for our own and others' highest good
is the best way to show we care
about ourselves and others
It is from the feeling that
we are interrelated
intermeshed within creation
that we naturally act for the highest good
Eventually, we feel so comfortable
interacting with others
that we realize no one is really a stranger
rather, all are aspects of our universal Self
Seeing that everything is an aspect
of ourselves, our thoughts
their subsequent actions
we naturally begin to care
about the good of all
Stretching ourselves far and wide
embracing creation in our love
Brothers and Sisters
Be warmed in heart, stilled in mind
an easeful body keeps us fine
With caring, share
Joyfully feel love emanate
from everywhere
Brothers and Sisters
harmoniously bound in circling lives
encircling lives
In love's circle of joyfulness
with everyone and everywhere

Verse 4.

The Flow of Energy
While relaxed, peaceful
energy flows freely through us
Energy flowing
by attitudes positive
actions productive
Sustaining every molecule
Powering every feeling, thought, action
Energy ever-flowing
Most vibrantly charged
during caring, loving
thoughts, actions
given freely of ourselves
From the unseen Source
by the unseen Force
energy flowing freely
through our lives
From the unseen Source
by the unseen Force
our lovingness compelling
the most vibrantly charged energy
to stream through our lives

Verse 5.

Is Lying Ever Justified?
When a lie spares another's feelings
it is justified
If revealing information
would cause more harm than good
it is best to keep quiet
On the other hand
if a lie would cause blame
to be shifted away from ourselves
to one who is innocent
the lie is not justified
In thinking about whether or not to tell a lie
the test should be to first consider the outcome
If the outcome is from our own selfishness
it is not justified
Even if we are the only ones
who would suffer by telling the truth
it is better to go ahead and tell the truth
as how we think, speak, act
forms our conscience and consciousness
Each of us is ultimately responsible
for our actions
Even if we feel coerced
it was our choice
to abide by another's influence
We are ever in charge of our destiny
moment to moment

Verse 6.

To Be Divinely Human
The divine state
does not preclude any aspect of humanness
Instead, it defines, refines
re-defines each part of our being
so the purity of Truth
can easily shine through each deed
Our Creator-Sustainer provides the energy
in every atom of existence
How could we think godliness could not possibly
be present in certain states of being, acting?
Every action we could ever think to do
is a lesson for growth
into awareness of our lasting Self
Through our experiences in the world
we learn which actions
bring lasting happiness
choosing to act this way more and more
as we go along
We would like to be happy all the time
We eventually learn which attitudes, actions
promote the happy state
Characteristics of living as divine humans
Actions done for the highest good
We live in harmony with natural laws
serving as mature human beings
by the example of living in harmony
To be in harmony
or divinely human
is to be happy inside
while radiating light and love

Verse 7.

Energy of Happiness
Free-flowing energy
running through us as a river
from a hidden source
Finding outlets
in positive thoughts, actions
Energy continuing on
in those whose lives we touch
person to person
Transforming our world ever
for the better
Energy of happiness
awakened in us
from the well-spring of unseen roots
lying just beneath everyday consciousness
Energy of happiness
brought to awareness
by claiming a positive attitude
Choosing to pull the good out of defeat
Choosing to multiply the good of success
Energy of happiness
aroused by free will to again turn
toward the sun of illumination
chasing away clouds of selfishness
Energy of happiness
ever available
by choices for the higher good
Ever sufficient to infuse our lives
with bliss and joy

Verse 8.

Ever present
Ever changing
Opportunities for growth
in consciousness
by using free will to choose
the positive course of action
The fullest experience
of body, mind, emotion
resulting from
incorporating love
into our visualizations
With a loving attitude
we reap harmony
One seed of lovingness sprouts
producing many fruits
Every time we act lovingly
we awaken or reinforce lovingness
in ourselves, others
Every vision we imbue with lovingness
manifests love in our life
in everyone who touches our lives
We feel most complete
when we completely give ourselves up
to living lovingly
Loving feelings
in our visualizations
manifest lovingness
in our realizations

Verse 9.

Emotional Responsibility
Emotional interaction, responsibility
The difference
between a relationship of friendship
and one of romance
Loving emotions the prelude
to the deepest intimate interactions possible
bringing the Divine
into the relationship
What is brought in being greater
than the two generate apart
In a romantic relationship
it is given we will act
interact lovingly
Thus taking on
the responsibility of
emotional supportiveness
with our partner
Emotional ties, interactions, form bonds
keep a relationship
a viable force on its own
Emotional bonds
developing into attachment
With time, nurturing
into unconditional love
Roots sunk deep
survive drought
of emotional barrenness
During times of emotional caring
a couple penetrate
are penetrated
by one another
Roots of attachment
sunk deep
survive when emotional caring thins
Sprouting with renewed life
when again
nourished with lovingness in word, action
Roots of love
Bonds of supportive caring
sunk deep within one another
provide the bonding necessary to sustain
during times of emotional drought
traumas in living

Verse 10.

Strong Inner Values
What we do in outer life
forms our inner life
Strong inner values
producing actions for the higher good
Thoughts affect actions
Actions reinforce thinking
Harmonious living requires
that thoughts, actions cooperate
for the highest end result
Loving thoughts, actions in relationship
support, reinforce
interactions in the world
aiding development of
caring, nurturing with all
People know we love them
by the caring that we show them

Verse 11.

Our Foremost Goal
as humans
is developing the quality of lovingness
which we achieve through
nurturing, caring actions
The choice for acting on love
faces us repeatedly
till we become conscious
we are actually beings of love
By applying the attitude of caring
we come to experience
harmony, contentment fully
Caring awakens knowledge
of our natural state
harmony and joy
By caring
we learn to live
with love uppermost
in attitude, mind, actions

Verse 12.

Mystical Love
The pinnacle
of loving
Mystical Love
The perfection, completion
release of limited energy
into the unlimited
Mystical Love
Mysterious to us
till we experience its uplifting
energizing effects in our body
Mystical Love
Felt by those
who love unconditionally
In loving unconditionally
we block not our perceptions
nor are we blocking
another's expression
Rather, we allow the river
of unseen, but vibrantly felt
universal energy
to sweep through us
as we benefit others
through highly charged caring actions
Mystical Love
Becoming demystified
instantly practical
recharging us daily
when attitudes are positive
and we act for the highest good
of each moment
Mystical Love
The energy of love
in action

Verse 13.

Ultrasonic Communication
Ultrasound clears away
attached debris
Ultrasonic communication
A relaxed accepting attitude
clearing away debris
between minds
that have prevented the flow
of caring thought, feeling, actions
Our acceptance
of what others are experiencing
according to their needs
past conditioning
frees us to relax
allowing the warm undercurrent
to flow openly between
We are released, cleared
of interfering words, actions
Ultrasonic communication
Total acceptance
Clearing away the grit of interference
from mind
Leaving space for communing
while communicating

Verse 14.

Living in our Center of Balance
our body feels energized, healthy
Our mind calm, clear
full of inspiration
with the outlook
that will serve the highest good
of ourselves, others, all creation
Living in our center of balance
allows us to experience our True Self
as an embodiment of joy
In joy we are energized, inspired
to think, speak
act for the highest good
As positive thoughts return positive results
and positive actions return positive reactions
we are insuring ourselves
an uplifting daily life now
and every day to come
Truly ourselves
by living in our center of balance
Experiencing ourselves
as energized bodies of joy
by holding positive thoughts
producing positive results
daily, every day to come
Experiencing ourselves, fully
as energized bodies of joy

Verse 15.

Energized thrust
from agitation
Calm, contemplative forethought
the antidote for compulsive action
Compulsions dissolve
when body and mind
remain peaceful, relaxed
There is no compulsive action
during sleep or meditation
with freedom from compulsion
is carried into waking life
by reflective thought before acting
and, in combination
with our decision
to act for the highest good
our actions maintain harmony
From compulsion to control
through calmness
insightful reflection
loving attitudes
Harmony prevailing

Verse 16.

Conscious Marriage
Marriage a carriage
that can take us
to the realization of our permanent home
In conscious marriage the couple are aware of this
as the ultimate goal of their life together
The conscious marriage is lived
each serving the other's best interests
above their own desires
When we serve another
out of care for their highest good
we are aligning with soul
The greatest love is the purest love
free from desires for personal gain
Meditating each day
gives control
over the ramblings of mind
The mind becomes a servant
not us as the mind's toy
As we practice meditation regularly
we begin to feel inner peace
lasting calmness
allowing us to think clearly
and analyze to act with right judgement
After practice in meditation
calmness extends
throughout more and more of the day
till we can always turn
to that inward, calm, balanced state
at a moment's notice, need
Past the calmness
arising joy, bliss, full peace
We experience these transcendent feelings
more deeply
the more we practice meditation, right living
listening to our conscience
When each mate spends time in meditation
in acting rightly
in accordance with their developing conscience
their union parallels that of the Divine
Fully married
with their Highest aspect

Verse 17.

The Divine Beloved
The bonding of mates
is like bonding
back to the heart of the Divine Beloved
A small example of true marriage
with others
the entire universe
The caring love we shower
upon a mate, upon a child
is the same love
showered upon each of us by Mother Nature
Mother Nature
providing raw material for our needs
of food, shelter
and ever the flow of water
perfectly made for our bodies
just as it falls from the heavens
And for upliftment
singing of birds
ever-changing coverlet of sky
pleasing colors in nature
intoxicating smells
exuded by blossoms
in their prelude to becoming fruits
nourishing our bodies
Can anyone deny these gifts, inspirations
provided free?
Though we struggle
with mundane problems arising in mind
the beauty of the natural world continues
to ever be present
Rising above the mundane
seeing the beauty of the natural world
the beauty in our mate
brings us closer to realizing
we are each a splendid soul
By seeing the beauty in ourselves
we see the beauty in others
personally realizing
the ultimate state of living
Marriage of mind, heart, soul

Verse 18.

The Magical Moment of Conception
Suddenly, the battle is won (one)
Two independent cells
surrender their individual cells (selves)
to become part of a long-lasting life
a human body
If the two cells had remained independent
their lives would have been
comparatively short
By surrendering their self-centered existence
they become the precursors
to a new life
a billion times richer, fuller
Thus begins the human body
Even from moment of conception
the example of selfless surrender evident
As those first cells divide
they surrender outward identity
to benefit the greater body
And on and on the bodily systems develop
till the day the protection of the womb
is no longer necessary

Verse 19.

Resolving Conflicts in Raising Children
Children are molded and learn by example
more than through books
or verbal instruction
If each parent acts
to influence the child
from conflicting viewpoints
the child grows up confused
Which parent's way will lead
to harmonious living?
Our goal in raising children
is for them
to be able to make their own decisions
by considering pros, cons
Then acting in a way that their mind
can be peaceful with their decisions
thereby living happy, useful lives
Parents, in front of the child
act as if both are in agreement
Before presenting this image
privately hear each other out
considering each other's ideas
Then together in a calm state
present the consensus viewpoint
As parents, we need to be objective
respectful of each other
that there is no right or wrong point of view
Every event in life
is to be individually worked out
dependent upon the circumstances involved
Benefits for the child
When the child sees both parents
united in their approach
the child will more easily
accept the parents' input
The child prevented
from using one parent's say
against the other
Benefits for the parents
Resolving conflicts
gives us opportunities to grow in love
living harmoniously
Love means showing care, patience
feeling for others
Both parents love their child
This gives them the incentive
to make the effort to work things out
Loving family
expands to love for friends
and our big world family
When we feel love, care for all
we are manifesting our universal soul nature
for the benefit of all

Verse 20.

Roles in Transition
We are who we are
At the same time
we are seen differently
by different people
As an adult
our parents still see us as children
while our children
see us as their parents
We relate with people
in the format of roles
and they are in a role when relating with us
But on the inside
we remain our essential Self
Through playing in roles
we come to understand each other
feeling how similar
we are underneath
Our role-playing lets us see
many perspectives
while underlying all is a thread of commonality
interlocking us as stitches in a sweater
One long thread, many loops
the fabric of humanity
Throughout changing roles
we remain the unchanging ones
Able to radiate love in any situation
Able to feel others' love for us
We ask ourselves
Who are we?
At any moment
in whatever role
we each can say
"I am the one
who always has love to share"
Roles change
Love is constant

Verse 21.

Love and Harmony; Our Constant
Beauty is harmony
Harmony is beautiful
Surrounding ourselves with beauty
inner, outer
Surrounding ourselves with harmony
eventually permeates
daily living
We see physical beauty
as all parts gracefully aligned
eliciting a feeling of
peacefulness, easiness
We are aware of inner beauty
when a person manifests lovingness
Their actions blending into the creation
as one of the parts
part of the One
People of inner beauty bring out our best
we feel easy in their company
We recognize beauty
when we start feeling good ourselves
The beauty of nature
people living in tune with natural harmony
allow us to sink into our space
of thinking, acting beautifully
It's catching
More beauty comes into our life
by creating an uplifting
physical, mental, emotional, spiritual environment
Surroundings clean, orderly
balanced diet
bathing, exercising
deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing
Through meditation and self-analysis
the soul's existence
That self-sustained part of us that is watching
the whole process of living
from its joyful state
By keeping clean, clear, in harmony
we become aware of ourselves
no matter what our roles in life
as beautiful vibrant beings of joy

Verse 22.

Patience and Tolerance
Patience does not crimp the flow of events
Patience accepts, tolerates
different ways
of seeing, acting out life
Tolerance accepts that each
is doing what is needed at the moment
Tolerance arises
from a state of mental relaxation
allowing us to remain calm
when we see others acting in a way
we think should be different
Caring love begets tolerance
When we care about others
we act for them as a support system
We are not
to make another person's decisions
unless we are entrusted with their well-being
such as for a little child or childish adult
To do so, robs another of control
of their moment
The mental relaxation of patience
allows us to tolerate differences
from ourselves
that we perceive in others
Their age, feelings, opinions
attitudes, religious beliefs
political positions, appearances
habits, actions, and so on
We are living
in the large fish bowl of the world
different perspectives on a given topic
allowing many ideas to float in the brine
With the attitude of caring love
peace, patience, tolerance
ideas promoting the greatest good
arise to the surface of our consciousness
into clear light
ready to benefit all creation
Patience, tolerance
Accepting differences
Remaining peaceful
Recognizing that each
has the right to determine reality

Verse 23.

We Seek to Find Completeness
We reach out
to fill a void in life
We seek to find completeness
in the company of another
or by possession of an object
as if what another or anything
outside of ourselves can offer
will make us happy
We expect a certain behavior from our mate
and are often disappointed
Disillusionment, sadness follow
when our mate does not fulfill our desires
We often keep looking to new people
in search of happiness
We become impatient, intolerant
when we realize
the world cannot give us happiness
So where does happiness lie?
We know happiness exists
because we see happiness in other people
Until we discover that our source of happiness
is being carried along
right within us
at every moment
we will continue to look outside ourselves
for a source to make us happy
We remain seekers
until we learn to relax
into our internal state of happiness
by living lovingly
by living harmoniously

Verse 24.

Happiness; a Quality of our Soul
Happiness is dependent
on no outside stimulus
to be felt, attained
Happiness is part of our real nature
always present
But covered
by disillusionment in mortal life
that an outward quest will give us
lasting, fulfilling satisfactions
If we look inwardly
reflecting on an action
we performed while caring
we will remember that we then felt happy
That is a true experience of happiness
If every action performed is done
with the mental attitude of caring
happiness will naturally be uppermost
in our consciousness
Even acts which seem selfish on the surface
because they are done for ourselves
such as taking good care of our body
eating properly, bathing
resting, exercising
are not selfish
if our attitude is to preserve life
This kind of 'selfishness' is right, necessary
Happiness in life
a personal quality
present in all
felt by those who care

Verse 25.

Human Love to Perfect Love
Human love becoming perfect love
the manifestation of the soul's true nature
by consciously caring, acting
for the highest good
Energy used in a positive manner
keeps caring, loving feelings
uppermost in mind
Energy comes to us all the time
via food, sunlight, air, water
If we allow our body to be perfectly still
sitting, standing, or lying down
while remaining fully awake
our mind will follow the lead
calm down, relax
becoming aware of the inner sound of creation
The Holy Vibration
This is the state of meditation
Union with our Creative Source
This vibratory hum, perceived within
under the top of the skull
underlies all changing thoughts
This very peaceful
yet highly energized vibration
a constant presence with which we can attune
to more fully energize our mental, physical
states of existence
This happens because
when we are feeling peaceful, yet energized
we are not putting up negative blocks
to our natural spring of ever-new happiness
arising from soul
into body and mind
This intense revitalizing energy
carries us along
without effort on our part
except to keep
a positive, caring attitude
avoiding the roadblock
of stilted negative, self-defeating attitudes
and their self-limiting
thoughts, actions
The boon of meditation, positive attitudes
Calm mind
Energized body
A fuller experience of happiness
arising from within
Swelling out
upon our waking consciousness

Verse 26.

Progress in Consciousness Is a Process
Tribulation into transformation
Transformation revealing
lasting happiness
is free from dependence on stimulants
accumulation of possessions
relationships of neediness
Transformation into awareness
that what is here
is for our use
in the process of progressing
Progressing in consciousness
And a reminder
that while we are here
the love of our Creator
unites us as One
We are One now
We have always been One
One Spirit
permeating every atom of creation
We become aware
that the throb of the Energy-Spirited
All-encompassing Vibrant Force
while One
Manifests through each of us
in our thoughts, actions
A Loving Spirit
from, with
Unlimited Consciousness

Verse 27.

Motherly Love; Unconditional Love
When we think of love
perhaps the purest love that comes to mind is
motherly love
Our body is an integration
of emotional-mental-physical aspects
completely interwoven
each aspect affecting the other
When we are healthy
in emotional, mental, physical functioning
we love, care most fully
Motherly love, unconditional love
This love knows, accepts
that the person performs actions
that the doer is capable
of many kinds of actions
some of which seem to be good or bad
in our judgment
Though, in actuality
each action is a growing experience
A learning experience of what to repeat
what not to repeat
in order to preserve happiness
Sharing love unconditionally
benefits us first
We feel peace of mind
energized ourselves
when we give another
the space to experience life as they see fit
By encouraging, promoting
another’s positive points
we retain happiness
peace of mind
relaxation of body
Unconditional Love
Acting lovingly
in all conditions

Verse 28.

The Balancing Act as We Age
What we've set in motion stays in motion
The direction we set in living
stays with us even more profoundly
as we age
It is with a great deal of will
that we must fight inertia
of the slower metabolism
that comes with age
A slowed metabolism that keeps us bound
to habits of a lifetime
because it takes more effort to change
than to continue along the course
we've charted already
The problem
with this natural slowing of  metabolism
its incumbent inertia
is that if we were already slightly negative
in our thinking
throughout life
we probably will go even more strongly
down the negative track
in attitudes, thoughts, actions
That is the force of inertia
To counteract negative forces
we must by free will
substitute appreciation
Substituting the positive attitude
that life is worthwhile
even if we can not think as quickly, as sharply
as before
It is okay to spend more time
in planning, preparation
for carrying out plans as we age
Now we have the time
to savor each moment of the process
to the fullest
While in the outer active life
of youth, middle age
we had our job
or family schedule to follow
Appreciation for each moment we have as we age
carries a positive energy
imbuing thoughts, activities
with just the right amount of energy
we need
without having to rush
And when we appreciate
each moment of time
we have left upon planet earth
we age gracefully
fully using this stage
Because we do not have to rush around
on a schedule any longer
we can relax more fully
into the ever present moment
With positive attitudes, appreciation
every moment
we balance out negative traits
perhaps brought on, accentuated
from the hurriedness of pressured living
In relaxation
in a positive present moment
we come to experience
we have more depth to ourselves
than we may have realized
In these depths
we discover our internal, eternal reservoir
supporting everyday living
with an ever-flowing river of bliss, joy
though somewhat slowed it may outwardly seem

Verse 29.

The Transience of Form in Time
Science has shown
that physical form is compressed energy
To our eye, matter appears solid
unmoving, unchanging
In reality, everything changes
Our bodies change over our lifetime
from a speck at conception
to billions of cells at maturity
in a state of flux, renewal, continually
All the while our body is changing
it is occupied
by the same consciousness
our Self
In whatever form our body appears
at whatever age
we are always able to say
It is me
During all the changes
of body, surroundings
we preserve happiness
by adapting
accepting the format of the moment
gracefully flowing from this moment's form
into the next
Within the changing format
of energy, matter
consciousness exists, persists
untouched by change
unbounded by time
Our connection
within the unchanging consciousness
is lovingness
manifested in caring actions
Lovingness stands on its own
The transient forms of time, energy
used in expressions of love
are how we make our time as liquid silver

Verse 30.

Central to virtue
Mother birthing children
of kindness, caring
With hearts of compassion
we best act
Love growing, expanding
into fabric of world
Passionate caring from Sacred Heart
The Sacred Heart of God
God's love enlivening
Borders dissolving, overflowing
Passion in action
A most holy outcome
With attitude, actions born of love
goodness compounds, spreading before us
A ready banquet quenching true hunger
Soul hunger
to know, imbibe of the dear Lord
most intimate
Love, Lover, Holy Love
Beginning internally, growing externally
through expressions of kindred respect
love's superlatives never-ending
Love motivating
Waking us with energy
Allowing sweet slumber
And in between
thoughts of love enlivening
Part of the One
by lovingly interacting with creation
the glue binding creation
in spiritu-scientific harmony
Different perspectives, different words
explaining the one quality
We are as individually sculpted snowflakes
falling from the brilliant cloud of our Creator
As individuals, we lie alone
though our lives overlap
as with a blanket of snow
We are ever One in consciousness
while formed into myriad souls
We are manifestations within One Great Soul
an eternal heritage brought to awareness
by expansive acts of love
We become aware of our connection
as part of the One, one with each other
when we raise our consciousness
by acting on the eternal qualities
Truth, Love, Faithfulness
Part of the One through caring acts of love
Love supported on energy
Science explaining energy
Understanding more consciously
our integral part in the One
Active in love
by actions of love

Susan Kramer, M.A., M.Div. is an international author of more than 50 collections and 150 articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, yoga and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some Dutch, French, German, Greek and Spanish translations. Susan and her husband Stan Schaap- reside in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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