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Caring Lets our Inner Glow Shine

Susan Kramer

Giving yourself up to life, reaching out, drawing in exactly what is in front of you at that moment, allows the inner light to glow outwardly.

In the fusion with inner light, caring love, individual self-centeredness becomes a conscious part of more.

We feel better, joyful and fulfilled, when our self-boundaries blend into the weaving of our environment and other's lives. As threads woven into a tapestry we form a beautiful picture, rich in color and detail, that we do not enjoy while lying apart as separate threads.

Fear of not being accepted keeps us from reaching out to include all in our embrace. But the reaching out and merging nullifies the fear which cannot co-exist with union, unity.

Union, merging, harmony: reality

A baby shows courage in reaching to take that first step, and upon success, expresses glee and joy; tottering onward till falling, surrendering into waiting arms, fulfilled. A cooperative effort of adult's encouragement and personal courage. So, give up the idea and attitude that we are totally independent. We are interdependent. And caring about others and our world shines our inner light.

Courageously reach out and fall into the waiting arms of life. It feels joyful to move and experience our light of love glowing ever more brightly.

Reach, surrender
Enjoy being enjoined
Caring lets our inner glow shine

copyright 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
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