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Choosing Love

Description: Description: Description: Description: Click for site map. View of Santa Barbara Botanical Garden. Photo credit Susan Kramer.

Susan Helene Kramer

  1. Choosing Love
2. Love in the Workplace
3. Practical Spirituality is Practicing Love
4. Pure Love

1. Choosing Love

The choice for love is our decision. To love in each situation and circumstance, regardless.

The choice for love is, perhaps, prompted by our inner desire to 'be' love.

Practice loving shows us that our body feels energized and our emotions elated when we show caring love.

And why is this?

I have found that my body is most at ease when I feel loving and act with caring for others.

When our body is at ease our circulation is unimpeded. Not just blood flow. But an easy flow of caring thoughts and creative ideas stream through our mind when we are at ease with ourselves.

The choice for love is then opening us to our natural flow of energy and creativity.

A mind distressed is in a different state than a mind de-stressed. And the difference is in mental attitudes and their subsequent thoughts.

2. Love in the Workplace

Even in the workplace we can maintain a de-stressed mind rather than a distressed mind and its burden of restless body. And we de-stress at work, home, or at play by keeping a caring attitude for whatever we are involved in at the moment. Caring love is the kind of love that keeps our juices of creativity and problem solving flowing. Caring about the outcome of a project at work allows unobstructed natural energy to flow through us to resolve our problems most easily. And in our work and personal relationships we feel the most natural and fulfilled, when we act with care.

In relationships, the choice for love, the choice for caring love removes the egoistic, self-centered point of view.

Caring love sees the situation as a whole. Then acts for what is best for all concerned. And in the end this surrender to the best for all involved leaves our body most relaxed, peaceful, and our mind restful, able to see without blinders. Blinders to the whole good, set in place, when we feel we must maintain our own point of view at all costs.

3. Practical Spirituality is Practicing Love

What is practical spirituality in relation to being loving?

The most practical way to act is that which uses our time and energy optimally. And caring love, the choice for love in action, does this most easily and gracefully.

We get the job done, the family nurtured, ourselves nurtured, with attitudes and actions born of love, and then lived with love.

Here are some hints to prepare our mind for the idea that it is by making the choice for love that we will be energized:

1. Keep or adopt the best intention for the situation;
2. Look at the varying points of view presenting, then review these, and see if even more points of view come to mind;
3. Contact our inner Source directly through a conversation with the Self within, just as if we were talking with a dear confidant;
4. Listen to the response from within after the inner conversation, which may come as soft words of advice in the quietude we engender in our mind via a period of positive Self talk;
5. Tune in with the Holy Vibration to recover peace of mind. I've outlined this useful practice in the writing titled "Quiet Time''. The URL is:
6. Remove barriers that would keep us from loving fully, unconditionally, such as the concept of separateness, and only energy for limited love being available;
7. Practice giving with a full heart by showing kindness in daily interactions.


4. Pure Love

Pure love is caring love. The choice for love is practicing pure love.

Pure love is our nature. Pure love is our Source.

Pure love is pure energy and it is an endless flow. Coming from a bottomless pit within to be used without in our acts of caring and kindness.

Remember, we always seem to have enough energy for the things we want to do. When we feel lethargic and a friend suggests an activity we enjoy, don't we then almost spring up and into action. How is this possible to be dragged out one moment and full of pep the next?

It is attitude.

Positive attitudes energize us. And when we adopt a positive attitude about what we consider a drudgery even then we are energized.

And pure love gives us access to the most energy for ourselves. When we make the choice for love we have all the free-flowing energy available to us that we could ever want. It fills us to the gills and overflows as joy. And in the overflow we become as joy.

And that is why it is pertinent to our lives to make the choice for love. To feel the never ending flow of joy in our lives.

Joy abundant
Joy our reward and support
for making the choice to live lovingly
Our Source, Resource
Ever supplying us with the energy to live joyfully



Susan Helene Kramer is an international author of more than 50 collections and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, yoga, meditation, and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Text and photo copyright 2000-2013 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations

 in Consciousness

Photo at top of page is by Susan Kramer at Santa Barbara Botanical Garden




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