Easy Communication in Relationships

Susan Kramer

When we have a loving attitude as the motivation for communicating the correct words are spoken.

Communicating is not a skill one learns in a course. Instead, the capacity to communicate easily is built into us by our Creator, activated when we are in a caring mode of being.

The attitude of caring is the key to enter the world of easy communication; it is our choice to flip the switch to caring.

Ease of body
Ease of mind
Easy words
Easy communication

We keep ourselves from communicating effectively in our relationships until we choose giving, caring, sharing feelings. When we are in a caring mood we are relaxed, feeling the natural harmony of mind and body. The mind and body function as partners as we direct, by the attitude of the moment. From this easeful space and place - our personal harmonious self-environment - our thoughts easily form words of clear communication.

Caring attitudes
Create harmony in body, mind
Make communication fine

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