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Uplifted in a Vision of Group Meditation

by Susan Kramer

Recently I read in the weekly internet “Integral Yoga Newsletter” that the Yogaville web site had been updated. I went online to check it out.  The new site pages are bright with photos and lots of close ups of people and places on the every-growing ashram. It is an inviting layout.


Scrolling down to the schedule of daily activities I read about the meditation times. And when I saw that the daily noon group meditation was held at three locations in Yogaville simultaneously I had a most wonderful experience:


While sitting here at my computer in North Holland, (as it happened it was noon my time), I felt immersed in the group energy; uplifted in bliss.


My physical body was still here at my computer across the ocean from the Virginia ashram, but I had expanded in spiritual consciousness so that my vision put me right in the midst of the three groups meditating simultaneously.


I dissolved into tears of joy at the experience of being there while I was here.


It has taken me several days since the uplifting before I could share this. What I experienced is that when we meditate with others we combine our awareness of spirit, helping each other advance spiritually. And even though there was physical distance between me and the group at the ashram, I still felt I was part of the pack, as I like to think of it.


Still being in the pack, sangha as it is called for a family of spiritual seekers, means a lot to me, because I so often long to be at Yogaville again, having lived there during 1985 and 1986 helping to build the LOTUS, the Light of Truth Universal Shrine.


One day the Lord reached out to me

Come greet me within

I’ll be there with thee.



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Uplifted in a Vision of Group Meditation  © 2019 Susan Kramer; photo from family archive


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About the Author: A meditation and yoga practitioner since 1976, Susan Kramer writes on practical spirituality, family and social issues, and dance. Her instructional books are listed at her web site –