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Feeling Connected

Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness

To feel connected is the underlying motive of every one of our actions. It is the experience of feeling "at home." It is a lasting transcendent experience; a warmth, a settledness in our body, present whether or not we are with someone. We seek connection with everything we touch in our lives - people, places, things.

We enjoy feeling connected with one or two - it takes a while to realize the why and how of our feeling of connection. Connectedness is a soul-to-soul contact. The mind and body are not barriers to its existence. Connectedness is communion. It drowns every object of creation in its great weighty depth of tolerance and acceptance.

A way to feel connection is to look with gentleness and acceptance into another's eyes. As you do, feel the warmth generated in your body.

The warmth can be rekindled again by mentally recalling the experience. Communing with others this way - just accept what they are projecting at the moment. It is their space and place of reality. It is okay for them. Our place is okay for us. By accepting and tolerating the outer differences we melt into what is behind - warm, vibrant feelings, a sense or knowingness of being part of each other and all being parts of the Whole. One Source flowing into the crevices of many forms.

Feeling connected is what we really seek in life. All our actions have that underlying motive. Look at others directly with loving acceptance. Just do it! Practice it!


A string of pearls
Individually perfect
Strung together in a graceful loop
Worn around the neck of all Creation

text and garden photo © 1988-2011 Susan Helene Kramer
Text previously published by permission in The PRACTICAL Mystic, Winter 1988, pg. 17. Author retained copyright.
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