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An article in the online magazine, Crystal Oasis, April 1999

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Our Deepest Roots

Susan Kramer

Deep within each of us is our place
where no disturbance can exist
Like the roots of a tree below the ground
secure and steady
Our deepest roots
channel our life sap of vital energy
into our limbs for interaction in the world

Our deepest roots are our natural state of peace and bliss. In meditation and quiet

introspection we bore deeply into our internal-eternal Source—consciously widening those life-giving channels of nourishing contentment and bliss.

The opening channels allow us to integrate peacefulness and balance into our fast-paced

living—taking the edge off our worldly state of frenzy.

Incorporating lovingness into meditation and introspection opens wide the access to our even deeper universal roots, where we are all interconnected.

Ever-flowing harmony and love energize us completely—allowing us to extend the branches of our arms into the many leaves of action in our life.

Roots set in harmony
Holding us upright
Balanced in everyday living

Our True Identity

We assume varying roles during the course of each day and at the different stages of our life. Underlying all these roles, we have an identity that is unseen by our eyes, but ever present; observing all we do in the world. We are blind to this reality—we are unconscious of this reality till we become awakened spiritually. This reality is our true identity. This is the identity of our True Self.

In the consciousness of our True Self, we are not affected by the on-going changes in our

emotional, mental, and physical realities. In our True Self we are steeped in contentment amidst worldly turmoil.

We can perceive, and identify our True Self when we are in an elevated state of

consciousness. Eventually, we can stay in awareness of our True Self, in this elevated state of consciousness, while concurrently being active emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Being conscious of our True Identity is as if we are wearing an unseen life-preserver in the ocean of life's events; we float above the turmoil. We remain aware that every situation we are in now and forevermore has a resolve that can retain our peace, (the state in which we can have contact with our True Self), as long as we act for the best at each moment.

The elevated state of consciousness where we are aware of the true identity of ourselves is a state of "active" meditation. The state of meditation—communion with the reality of our True Self—is achieved through a step-by-step process:

1) The mental desire to know the identity of our True Self;

2) The emotional longing to experience the state of permanent love;

3) The practice of keeping the body still for short periods of time, such as by sitting in a meditation pose, (in order to not be distracted by physical activity); allowing time for loving introspection;

4) Holding positive attitudes in thinking and living;

5) Acting in alignment with the best resolve for each situation;

6) Practicing unconditionally caring love for all.

Of these 6 conditions, the most important one is to love all with unconditionally caring love. Unconditionally caring love sets our mind in a positive direction, and automatically raises our consciousness so we can perceive what our physical eyes cannot see. We gradually rise above outer and inner turmoil to experience the permanent consciousness of joy. The permanent joyful state is the quality of our own dear True Self.

By acting lovingly with others, we come to further experience that our True Self is infinitely expansive; with no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries, as our own physical body seems to have. There is much comfort in the consciousness of knowing the identity of our True Self. Wherever we go, whomever we are with, feels like our home and our family. We feel our very own Self in all.

Our True Identity
The Identity of our True Self
An elevated state of consciousness
we can be in while awake and living fully
emotionally, mentally, and physically
by loving unconditionally
and acting in alignment with the best resolve
of every situation
Our True Self
Our Self of permanent joy
unfazed by events in living
ever full and self-supporting
Supporting us in every way
with contentment that never wavers
Love that is ever present

Writing copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer