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Man, Divinity; the Link is Love - Prayers and Inspirations by Susan Kramer Cactus at Meditation Mount, Ojai, California - photo credit Susan Kramer

text and garden photo copyright 1998-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published by Creations in Consciousness


2.Breathing Out Love
4.Include Me in Your Love
5.Just Love All
6.Man, Divinity - The Link Is Love
7.Prayer of Thankfulness
1. Beauty

When gazing upon, or in the presence of that
which has the effect
of energizing our body and uplifting our thoughts
When listening to that
which has the effect
of energizing our body and uplifting our thoughts
When thinking about that
which has the effect
of energizing our body and uplifting our thoughts
Beauty is our perception of Harmony
Harmony is the result
of cooperation amongst the parts
making up the whole
Each and every part consciously fulfilling its destiny
from microscopic thought to forthcoming result
When we live harmoniously
in cooperation with others
and our environment
we perceive the beauty surrounding us physically
and in the unseen mental and
spiritual realities
Our perception of the best that can be
in every aspect
of seen, unseen Reality

2. Breathing Out Love

We can't see air
but we breathe it in
We can't see love
but we breathe it out
through our actions

As rays from the sun warm and energize us, the rays of our actions carry our lovingness.

Like the sun, our love shines, independent of an outside source.

We are rewarded and expanded during our acts of unconditional lovingness. Every time we breathe out a loving act, a spontaneous in-breath of warm-feeling contented energy fills our body; a cycle which recharges us, creating an ever more vibrant experience of lovingness.

We breathe in
We breathe out
but not just air
Lovingness energizes us
over and over and over
through its expression

3. Crossings

I took a path across the field
the way led to a shore
I took a boat across the sea
the way led to a field
Without direction
circling round the world I wandered
repeating the trip again and again

Direction is the guiding Light
Its source, the Star within

When I ceased to wander
I began to wonder
and rested quietly within
Till the Star, the Light
The Direction
sent me home, sent me home
to no more wander again

Divine Light

The Divine Light of Love
is ever burning
Its flames the warmth
blanketing us from
elements of earth and mind
Light of Love
chase away the storms
that every day we only notice
Your pure shimmering flames
burning from the Cosmic Heart
licking at our consciousness
till we, too
are consumed eternally
in this most intense Love

Enlighten our Hearts

Light of Love
Enlighten our hearts
Encircle our beings
in Your radiance
Warm our souls
with the flame of Truth
Light of Love
in Your radiance
We are One
One in Love and Light


Perfect Light
Shining forth
Passing through the many prisms
of human personalities
Perfect light
Ever shining the same

Blessed Lord

Blessed is the Lord in all
I sing praises to His glory
Singing will carry me home again
In harmony with the Lord

Eternal Heart of God

Eternal Heart of God
Flow gently over and through me
Seep into every pore of my being
Permeating all that seems me
into consciousness of Thee

4. Include Me in Your Love

Include me in your love, dear Lord
and everywhere I go
I'll strew my path with roses
caring acts I'll show
All will feel your love, dear Lord
its warmth will radiate through me
encircling men within your net
of immortality


My devotion knows no bounds
My life is eternally strung out
a carpet under Your cosmic feet
Their transcendental pressure, their warmth
provide my solace
You create and sustain me as I walk
Onward, forever

Serve your Highest Self

Serve your Highest Self
Every moment of your life
enjoy happiness
in harmony
with all creation


Can you hear the dawn of the day?
Does Mother Nature awaken you from within?
The sound of the universe is heard within
before without

What the Heart Says

The Heart can't say a single word
it only feels pure love
The mind can say a million words
but can not feel that Love
I'll rest in my Heart
when mind and words have gone away


The vine that weaves its way
through every nook and cranny
of our being


When we love we care
When we care we share
We share the energy
freely flowing through us
With all
All are One
Truth is All and
Truth is Perfection
In truth, All are One in Perfection

All that is Thee

Light of all lights
Enlighten my soul
Fill my being with your radiance
Till all that seems me
Becomes all that is Thee

5. Just Love All

Sparkling bright
perpetually bubbling loving light
The energy of creation
Light-hearted attitudes and words
preceding actions
serving the highest good
Sparkling energy serving the highest good

The radiance of our expanding lovingness
warms our body, our feelings
Contagious to everyone around us
A receptive attitude
allowing a broader and richer base
for current and future living

With a receptive attitude
energy generates, releases
for personal fulfillment
Through caring, sharing acts
immersed in being nurtured and nurturing
we grow in consciousness
in lovingness
Openness to receiving love
makes space for its conception

Pleasure is temporary
Pain is temporary
What underlies both steadfastly
is lovingness
In attitude and action
during ups and downs
we preserve peace of mind
and contentment
by remembering that the
energy of transitory pain and pleasure
will be transformed into another format
And then another, another
Pleasure is temporary
Pain in temporary
What is not temporary is lovingness
in attitude and action

As every molecule of creation is interrelated
we are relatives of one another
and the universe
When our actions harmonize for the highest good
we are aligning
with our native molecular connection
And everyone else
and everything else
benefits by our inner-outer harmony

By repeatedly acting harmoniously
we lose identity with separation
We come to realize that we are
one of the parts
And part of the One
Truly inseparable
Affected by all

No matter where we are
sublime feelings of love
can exist
Feeling love's existence in our mind
relaxes our mind-body
into fullness
Feelings of lovingness
within the cells of our soul
Our Self in the soul of all

Streaming bright
Loving light
our night of self-ignorance
with remembrance of the Self
that formed us of
gracefully enlightened love

At day's end
At time's end
There is no more forevermore
than harmony and love for all

In sharing, caring
Become aware
Just Love All!

6. Man, Divinity - The Link Is Love


The Love of God
unites us all
together as One
We are One now
and we have always been

Divine Love

Within your compassion I am healed
of my faults
and fortified to be virtuous
Within your love I feel warmth
Renewed energy to stick with
my role in life
developing divine virtues
Within the arms of your caring
I feel secure enough to be myself
The Self I know I am
when living virtuously
Under Your guidance I am coming home
Coming home to you
You who are Divine Love

Heart's Desire

Fire of Love
Continue to burn
Feed my heart's desire
Radiate my warmth up higher

Peaceful Starlight

Bathed in starlight
passage of time is slowed
Life seems but a reflection
hint of time spent
in light of day
Time to think over
events from the day
Under the velvet tent of night
We can be at peace
Just closing our eyes, we see starlight
Peace is ever within us

Single Eye

Lord of love
In Your blessed arms
I rest at night
Cradled in superconscious bliss
Two eyes asleep
One eye awake

Angel Wings

The lightness of angel wings
inspire us to fly
to be free
Free from attachments
Free to see All
Do All
Be All
Once and for all

7. Prayer of Thankfulness

Creator and Sustainer
I am grateful
for all the pure and loving blessings
I have received in my life
I am grateful You have come to me
through the caringness of my friends
and that You have
worked through my caring actions
for the comfort of my friends

I am grateful
You have inspired me
to look for more than meets
physical, mental, and emotional views
by providing disappointments in those areas
That I may seek out Your Presence
in that quality that can never
be taken from me
Infinite Lovingness
Lovingness for my family, friends, and the creation
which are manifestations of Your Self
Your own lovingness

I am grateful
to be always able to reach
for your hand of guidance
by following the direction of my conscience
I am grateful
to feel unconditionally loved by You
as I love unconditionally
I am grateful to be able to tune my inner heart
to Your divine music whenever I choose
Letting myself rise within Your
uplifting presence

and most of all

I am ever grateful
for my time as a human
To be able to love and feel love
body, mind
heart, soul, spirit

8. Inspirations

Conscientous action
allows consciousness to develop


In consciousness there is no time
Closed eyes see events of earlier today
the same as those of yesterday


A quality of soul
that allows our consciousness to grow


Transference of caring love from man
to include love of the Truth
From love of the Truth
to include love of man
increases the joy in our life!


The only thing we take with us
when we leave this life
is the content of our heart


Integration of
Spiritual in
Wholeness is


Relationships in conflict
are for growth in consciousness
Relationships in harmony
are for expansion in joy!


our essence
the fragrance of our existence


Lovingness creates Peace
Peace in ourself
Peace in our world

True Friendship

Above all else in this world
is friendship
unconditionally given
unconditionally received
And with the addition of Love
life is made beautiful
Above all else in this world
is loving friendship
unconditionally given
unconditionally received
That is true friendship!



by substituting
in that time slot
better and
even better


As Friends

Individuals of flesh, mind, emotion
aware that as with vines
we, too, lead lives intertwined
Intertwined in actions
of compassion, caring, support
Sharing our time
for all time
as friends


There is more to see
than we see with our eyes
our wholeness is deep
our depth complete
when we meet and reflect
with insight


Loving feelings in our visualizations
manifest lovingness in our realizations


exchanging lovingly
sharing caringly
expanding rapidly
feeling whole, complete
alive in relationship!


Positive results
from positive thoughts


The fragrance of a blossoming rose
permeates the garden


Universal Order

Scientific laws promise
harmony and balance
Selfless love promises
harmony and balance

Both are carried out
through the same energy
of the universe

A life lived lovingly
in concert with natural laws
integrates spiritual consciousness
into daily living


Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

Susan Kramer, M.A., M.Div. is an international author of more than 50 collections and 150 articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, relationships, social issues, yoga and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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