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Early Spiritual Writings
of Susan Kramer
View from Meditation Mount over Ojai Valley, California USA. Photo credit Susan Kramer.

Text and Photography © 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness
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Man chooses when to see
his immortality

1. The Shoreline of Living
2. Creator; Creation
3. Endless Time
4. Sensory Awareness
5. Creative Lovingness
6. Bringing Out Your Saint
7. How Is Giving Receiving?
8. How to be Courageous
9. Traditional Values; Basis for Growth
10. Graceful Rhythms
11. Giving Yourself Up to Life
12. Fruits of Life
13. Reach and Hold
14. Life's Line
15. Enigma
16. Autumn's Oak Leaf
17. Ascend
18. Make the Three Be as Thee
19. Controlled and Expressed Energy
20. On Living and Loving
21. Loving Hearts
22. Clear Night
23. Changing Forms of Energy
24. Constancy
25. Blue Skies
26. Key to the Treasure
27. Confirmation
28. Recognizing Beauty
29. Bliss Is Real
30. Our Self Beyond Ourselves
31. Sharing
32. Being at Peace
33. Vitality: Its Source
34. The Circle of Lovingness
35. Happiness
36. Balancing on Life's Teeter Totter
37. The Opening Heart
38. There Is Always a Way to Work it Out
39. Flirting
40. How to Live the Will of God
41. Loving Energy in Daily Life
42. I Am in Love with You
43. Easy Communication in Relationships
44. Spring
45. Beyond Bonding
46. Unlimited Happiness
47. Clarity
48. Peaceful Acceptance
49. Light Melding Atoms
50. On a Chair
51. First or Last?
52. Tread Lightly
53. Standing Upright
54. Links of Love
55. Meeting
56. Attunement in God
57. Recovering from the Fall
58. Truth and Consequences
59. Immersed in God
60. Sublime Communion
61. Inseparable
62. Strong Energy
63. Universal Concern and Care
64. Outer Life; Inner Life
65. Masters of our Destiny
66. Using Intuition in Communication
67. Layering
68. Nearsighted Behavior
69. Choosing from the Buffet
70. Idling in Neutral
71. Compassion for Ourselves
72. Predictable; Unpredictable
73. Respect
74. Thoughts
75. Where are Heaven and Hell?
76. Conscientious Action
77. Talking with God
78. The Need for Harmony in Marriage
79. Direct Experience of God
80. Submerged in the Ocean of Life

1. The Shoreline of Living

White-capped waves on the shoreline
Energetically rolling in
Gracefully subsiding
As immortal souls we enter these bodies
Filled with vibrant energy
Growing in lovingness
Experiencing our harmonious place in creation
Then, sliding out
Rejoin our Creator
Matured, enriched
Able to more fully enjoy the eternal home
We ventured from as babes

2. Creator; Creation

To create an enjoyable diner, we decide what will taste good; buy, prepare, eat.

In order for the dinner to be ready, we use our creative mind to visualize the finished product. Then, using our logical mind we plan how to get the vision into solid form. And finally, we physically eat our created vision.

On the universal scale we see a vision that has been brought into physical form; a large sumptuous dinner of stellar objects, plants, animals, ourselves. All aspects interrelating through exchanges of energy to complement and sustain their physical existence. All parts harmoniously compounded one upon the other in shapes and roles; parts of the whole, and as individuals, completeness in each of the parts.

We are curious about the nature of the Universal Creator that has brought into the physical realm harmonious, rhythmical, cyclical, growing, diversified, and intelligent forms of existence.

As noted above, in the experience of dining, we first had a vision, then took the necessary steps to be able to physically eat. Following this logic, we see that our precisely planned and harmoniously functioning physical universe came about from a well thought out and implemented plan.

The Creator used methods we have yet to wholly understand, as our minds are just part of what was created. But, we can come to experience our existence as an essential interlocking part of the harmony of the large universal home by living the way that easily functions within the natural rhythms and cycles of everyday life. We do this by caring, sharing, loving all forms of creation.

The more consciously in tune we become with the basic principles of creation, which comes down to living our part harmoniously, the closer we come to experiencing our Creator. The vision of our dinner while still in our mind, is closer and more a part of us, than the physical manifestation of the food sitting on a plate.

When we act in harmony within the creation we are closely aligning to the visionary mind of our Creator. And, as vision is a root and closer to the Self than the ensuing physical manifestation, we are our very closest to experiencing our Creator when we live harmoniously. Sink into harmony.

3. Endless Time

Endless time
without rhyme, reason, force
on a course
On a course
we set forth in endless time
Our course set
the Force unknown
its rhyme, its reason
Setting forth a course
in timelessness
Finding lovingness
Now on course
in endless time

4. Sensory Awareness

Using all dimensions of ourselves we come to know our lasting Self

As humans we've been given antennas, receptors, transmitters of body and mind to make best use of our environment for our development and optimal growth on the path of full-feeling, fulfillment.

Let's allow every sense to function for our best.

Fully receive input
Consider its impact
Transmit its wisdom
Sensory awareness
Awareness of the senses
as tools in living, loving, being

5. Creative Lovingness

Imbuing each action and interaction with lovingness is ultimate creativity

Harmoniously blending with and uplifting by our positive words and actions allows us and others to feel good; our bodies feel warm and our minds are content.

Loving creatively aligns us with the Creator's efforts to promote harmony in the consciousness of others. Every time we take the opportunity to find a way to create harmony in a circumstance or interaction, we reinforce lovingness in ourselves and others. Does anything feel better, in body or mind, than to experience love?

We feel love by loving

Create the way that makes every act the reality of love, by harmonizing all aspects of each situation.

Creative Lovingness
Harmony in every aspect
of relatedness

6. Bringing Out Your Saint

A saint is in us, known as we experience the lovingness and harmony in creation, and as we share our expanding consciousness with others. In truthfulness of word and action we harmonize with the rest of creation.

We recognize the saint in another when we feel warmly energized and joyful in their presence.

A saint's life is a living example of their teaching of harmony and joy unbounded, no barriers of self-centeredness, just as the sun in the sky continually penetrates with warm energizing rays indiscriminately.

To bring out your saint, your body of lovingness, act from a clear unbiased conscience. Make positive attitudes the springboard for loving, caring actions. Penetrate your self-centered barrier by loving acts.

The awareness of being a real part of integral harmony will enter your waking consciousness gradually, till every little honeycomb of space in your life is filled with harmony and joyfulness, bringing out your saint.

By our actions
we are known
Become known
for loving actions

7. How Is Giving Receiving?

How is giving receiving?

As we extend our thoughts and actions to include others, we lessen our boundaries of self-centeredness. Just as a jar with lots of candy has the capacity to give more enjoyment than if it only contained a single piece.

The more people we include in our candy jar of sharing and caring, the fuller we become in sweetness and satiation.

As we give our time and energy with caring feelings, we receive. We receive a sense of satisfaction and an increase in energy. Like this: As electricity flows through a magnet the magnet becomes stronger. When our attitudes and actions are caring, we are using the flowing universal energy which grows in us, expanding our consciousness gradually, till our actions are regularly loving and we have plenty of energy.

As we give time, energy, lovingly
we receive a charge Divine
Sparking us with
vibrancy, happiness, joy

8. How to be Courageous

Keeping relaxed, feeling fully protected in the house of our body, allows us to confront any issue or person with whom we may disagree, or whom we feel may threaten our values.

Everyone and everything around us is truly an outside influence on us, but just an influence. We have free will to choose our reaction to any action.

We perceive an encounter with fear if we feel we will be influenced to give up our position or attitudes, or coerced into doing what feels uncomfortable to us. That need not happen.

Confront a conflict by first being aware of what your body feels like when you are enjoying an activity. You can almost feel the blood and warmth circulating throughout, and you feel in control of yourself, master of your actions. Note carefully now; then remember for later. Practice feeling this way several times by just bringing a happy thought to mind while in a safe setting.

The next time a potential conflict threatens, remember what your body felt like during your practice session and go into that relaxed space. Feel whole, complete, and safe in the house of your body and mind. No one can enter your house without your permission. If you feel uncomfortable with another's influence keep it outside your body and mind. Do not accept it for yourself. Use courage to preserve your ideas and integrity. It is your birthright to live your own life. As an adult, make your own decisions; lead life as you choose.

Bravely, while securely feeling yourself safe inside your body, confront those issues holding you back from freely expressing yourself in the world. You can learn to be courageous, feeling your own source of protection, so you can expand and experience your humanness with humanity, fully.

9. Traditional Values; Basis for Growth

Traditional values are time tested; allowing easeful, peaceful, and happy living within their guidelines.

The most basic and universally accepted value being to treat others as we wish to be treated.

When the foundation of our character is strong and stable we naturally act in ways to reinforce peace, ease, happiness. Block upon block of positive actions for our own and other's highest good creates a large castle of a beautiful life with spacious lawns to play upon, and sweet smelling gardens to lounge in for rejuvenation.

Traditional values are the strong floor we walk upon in every activity. They support our positive attitudes and actions. Underlying, they support but do not interfere with our choices. We still use freewill every way, but when we are tired or not sure what to do we can sit down and rest on a strong value, knowing we are safe while deciding how to proceed.

Nurture traditional values, keep them in mind, use them as a safety net as needed while walking the tightrope of life's adventures.

If you need a refresher course on the content of traditional values read any of the holy scriptures. They serve us by providing basic guidelines till we learn to listen and follow our inner guidance regularly, our conscience.

Keep in mind that traditional values are a basis for growth. The solid ground allows the flower's roots to hold it up in the breeze. But the flower's life in the world is mostly above the roots in its interaction with the rest of nature.

Sink roots in tried and true values, allowing harmonious freedom of movement in the world.

10. Graceful Rhythms

Observe the patterns of the natural universe, flowing, moving, as a bowl of oil and water swirl and blend in rich patterns while retaining their individuality.

All nature's rhythms function as inter-dependent cooperative forces in harmony with all.

By aligning our personal rhythms with harmony, we naturally begin to interrelate in ways that keep our inner peace intact.

Cooperation: harmony
Universal harmony: universal consciousness

Music in outer forms of harmonious rhythms is pleasing to the ear and can inspire us to dance. All atoms dance around each other in their continuous patterns, gracefully using space, place, and time as their dimension of expression, just as we can in all our daily activities.

Graceful rhythms
Harmonious movement
Expressions of sharing
in time, place, space
Graceful Rhythms
reaching beyond
time, place, space
in being-ness
as lovingness

11. Giving Yourself Up to Life

Giving yourself up to life is reaching out and drawing to you exactly what is in front of you at that moment, embracing and merging with that reality. In the merging of the moment you have given your individual self-centeredness up in favor of becoming a conscious part of more.

We feel better, joyful and fulfilled, when our self-boundaries blend into the weaving of our environment and other's lives. As threads woven into a tapestry we form a beautiful picture, rich in color and detail, that we do not enjoy while lying as separate threads in the sewing box.

Fear of not being accepted keeps us from reaching out to include all in our embrace. But the reaching out and merging nullifies the fear which cannot co-exist with union, unity.

Union, merging, harmony: reality

A baby shows courage in reaching to take that first step, and upon success, expresses glee and joy; tottering onward till falling, surrendering into waiting arms, fulfilled.

Give up the idea and attitude that we are totally independent.

We are interdependent.

Courageously reach out and fall into the waiting arms of life. It feels joyful to move and experience beyond the boundaries of yesterday.

Reach, surrender
Enjoy being enjoined

12. Fruits of Life

The fruits of life are sweet and bitter. It is the balance, the way we adapt to each situation that matters. If enjoying a sweet, than appreciate. If handed a lemon, make it palatable by sweetening the situation. Allow its lesson to transform resistance into acceptance of the lesson to be learned.

The combination of sweet and bitter lessons in our lives nourish us as needed to become wise and loving people, humans that care and share to the best of our ability.

Wisdom comes from taking apart what we've been through and knowing for the next time the best way to proceed.

Our dish does not hold all bitter or sweetness. We can tolerate when bitters predominate by emphasizing and enjoying the good in the dish and just taking the bitter along with it as we would a capsule of medicine that will make us stronger and healthy.

Bitter and sweet. All life is in sets of dualities. The constant we all seek, the stability of being able to retain our sense of balance and harmony is inborn. It is our immortal Self. We can recognize the Self in this life, experienced once again, by using wisdom and lovingness in our actions. No matter what situation we are confronting at the moment, we can remain stable, in control, feeling connected instead of feeling isolated.

Bitter and sweet. Their common heritage is that they are both from one tree. The dualities of life with which we are presented have as their common heritage roots in the physical and mental creation.

Enjoy, but be flexible, as events eventually swing one way, than the other.

What is it that we can be attached to? Lovingness.

Our own feelings of lovingness arise with our acceptance and caring with situations and people.

Use your time and creative energy to transform every event into acceptability. Then, your caring and loving will seem to fill future dishes with mostly sweetness.

13. Reach and Hold

Reach and hold
Life goes on to expand
and on some again
Though seasons dim and clime
clamor more
Move ahead of time
into Love

14. Life's Line

Life's a continuous line
Reaching to form shape
Hoping to find completeness

15. Enigma

Oh, my heart does leap
and sometimes split
only to return mid-road
Though the way divides
within its realm
a center resides
but equal to the two

16. Autumn's Oak Leaf

Are you green?
Not that I can see
Now, it's but your inner life
Concealed all year your majesty
till death reveals without a qualm
A short time has passed
Life colors the autumn sky
Seeing your brilliance
I've captured your life
though life had supposedly left
Can it be thus with me?

17. Ascend

Ascend along the way of life
Work, failure, strife, reward
Bare the middle road
Onward to the higher high

18. Make the Three Be as Thee

Whatever your role in life, keep contact with all aspects of yourself, the physical, mental, emotional, which are all powered by universal spiritual energy.

Each of the three aspects contributes to maintaining the balance of being human. Our source of fuel, spiritual energy, refines our consciousness as we follow our conscience, taking us from base self-centeredness to the endless expansiveness of caring and loving.

Use body-mind-emotion as an integrated unit. We are on earth to make use of our trinity, as it is our vehicle for coming to know our immortal transcendental aspect, our soul.

As we fully utilize each aspect of ourselves, we begin to feel a balance, an underlying harmony, an unbroken connection soul to soul to soul, part of the wholeness, soul-ness of creation.

Summary: Use emotion to develop devotion, appreciation for existence. Use the mind as a discriminative tool to make best choices. Take care of the physical body to keep it as a fine-tuned vehicle, able to express devotion through caring action.

Refine all aspects
Make the three
Be as Thee

19. Controlled and Expressed Energy

Energy is electrical, continually vibrating atoms. Energy can be contained but not kept still because of its perpetual motion. To be controlled it must be directed.

Expressing causes energy to flow freely.

Use of energy generates more energy.

That may be hard to understand. We think of everything in the universe as being used up eventually. Energy does not get used up; it changes form. Energy to matter to energy, again and again. As we express we are using energy, and by our willpower and positive attitudes we draw all the energy to us for our use that we need and can possibly use at each moment.

Think how your body feels when someone you like to spend time with asks you to do something with them right away. Even if you were feeling lethargic or lazy, you instantly jump up, feeling energized and all set to go. A moment before you weren't feeling that energy and now suddenly you feel energized.

When we adopt a positive attitude we draw all the energy to us we need.

Loving attitudes and actions keep us fully charged, feeling vibrant and full of life.

Express yourself lovingly and feel the warmth flow through, invigorating every part of your mind and body, radiating outward through your caring actions.

Make use of the unlimited supply of electricity to optimize every experience of living.

Live and share vibrantly

20. On Living and Loving

To always be happy
Just Love All

Washing away pain
of preceding time

Forgetfulness of limitlessness
Flowing lovingness
Place to practice

Greed, lust: wanting
Loving, sharing: getting

Take life's hand
Harmony within Harmony

Self-love exploded
Creation and Love
Ongoing process

To be alive
is to know you are alive

21. Loving Hearts

Loving hearts
Joined hand in hand
Carrying out the Father's plan

22. Clear Night

Clear night blossoms
Array of stars
awakening darkness
into understanding of Self
Light erasing limitation

23. Changing Forms of Energy

We are forms of energy in a sea of energy, powered by, and consciously able to use energy.

Energy, matter
Forms of the same

Energy released from matter is in heat. Energy released from the heart charges our body, giving us the fuel to act with care and love.

We release the locked energy of our body when our mind takes a positive, willing, caring attitude. It really is that simple. Very basic. Energy is basic and always available for our use.

Energy is always flowing and we are the directors. Energy expands us. Carries our loving caring feelings out from us through our actions.

As we share energy we grow in our capacity to love more fully; our rough edges dissolve, the opening of our heart which loving actions emanates from increases its diameter continuously till finally love pours out from our center in every one of our actions. Then, we are very conscious that we are connected with all; there are no more mind barriers to be broken down. We have dissolved into our natural harmonious Self, aware and awake as Self; feeling energized, vitalized, in tune with others and surroundings.

This lovingly energized state is all ours in which to experience and develop consciousness.

Keep positive attitudes. Transform all situations with caring actions. Feel the warmth and heat you are generating in your physical body. Use this warmth as a cloak to provide comfort and protection when life seems difficult. The cloak of lovingness is ours in this very moment by being positive and caring.

24. Constancy

In constancy we act consistently

Constancy: directed energy, stability; an unbroken flow toward the goal.

In daily life we maintain constancy to fulfill responsibilities. We keep our bodily support system well fed, exercised, mind peaceful. This support system is our 'home base'. We must prepare and maintain the tools to use in giving life our best effort.

Constancy. Whether life seems up or down making the effort to move forward.

Apply the attitude of constancy to each aspect of living. The more we take control of our life, the more conscious control we have over happenings. It feels better being aware. Our body becomes our useful servant, always ready with the needed energy at a moment's notice. Our mind, having assumed positive attitudes, gives us just the right creative solution.

Practice with consistency, constantly looking at and adopting the positive expansive view.

The energy of constancy
acted on consistently
tunes us for developing consciousness

25. Blue Skies

Blue skies up above
encircling us in air
We breathe, receive
your nourishment
expressed through unseen care
Sun, sun shining
warming life from birth
By your star-shine
transform this heart of mine
that I might radiate
thy inner light on earth

26. Key to the Treasure

We get to give
to love and pour forth
from a treasure
beyond any measure
we ever knew existed
The key
to this treasure
unlocks every heart forever

27. Confirmation

Confirmation: substantiation

We confirm our actions by checking in with our feelings and conscience to be sure we are acting harmoniously.

Confirmation is important for growth in consciousness. If we truly confirm each action with our stamp of approval as being right for us, we develop a consistency of what is right for us in daily living.

Confirmation: affirming what is right for us and acting wisely.

Determine according to conscience, affirm with the mind, then confirm by the action.


28. Recognizing Beauty

Beauty is harmony

Surrounding ourselves with beauty, inner and outer, surrounding ourselves with harmony eventually permeates all aspects of our daily living.

Physical beauty is observing all parts gracefully fitting together, eliciting peacefulness and ease. We are aware of inner beauty when a person manifests lovingness, harmlessness, their actions blending into the creation as one of the parts, part of the One. A person of inner beauty brings out the best in us because we feel easy in their company.

We recognize beauty because we start feeling good. The beauty of nature and people living in tune with natural harmony allows us to sink into a space of thinking and acting beautifully.

For more beauty in life create an uplifting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environment. Keep surroundings clean, orderly. The body can become a beautiful reflection of spirit by maintaining its natural harmony: clean diet, bathing, exercise. Reduce unpleasant stress by choosing positive outlooks and creative solutions to problems in keeping with your conscience.

To receive direction from conscience, calm the body by deep relaxation, even breathing. Practice meditation and self-analysis to discover the soul's existence; that self-sustained part of us that is watching the whole process of living from its joyful state.

Beauty is the experience of harmony in all aspects of living. Keep clean and clear with each aspect of yourself; become aware of yourself as a beautiful vibrant being.

29. Bliss Is Real

Bliss is what we feel as our cup of joy wells up, overflows, engulfs, no end in sight

Blissfulness is being in expanded love, almost too much to be contained. Just as the mist over water rises in the heat of the morning sun, bliss is the mist of emotion heated to devotional love by transferring our love for the fruits of the creation to love for their Creator-Nurturer. The love given back to us is multiplied many times beyond the devotion we have felt.

Be attached to the Source more than to the products.

Yes, bliss is real and it is ours to experience as often as we choose by loving energetically, selflessly, thankfully.

In the distance I saw a tree
Approaching, I anticipated the coolness of its shade
Arriving under its roof of branches
I gazed upward
Unexpectedly, viewing blossoms
wafting their heaven-scent upon my breath
My senses expanded
filling my body with joy and thankfulness
for the unexpected fragrant gift
lifting my emotions, body, mind, spirit into bliss

Now I know that what lies beyond the ordinary senses must be so much greater, if even the blossoms on that tree could fill me so.

30. Our Self Beyond Ourselves

In consciousness
there is nothing beyond ourselves
that is not ourselves
And all in this world is experienced
with the attention
we would give ourselves
The conscious experience
of our Self beyond ourselves
through caring attitudes and actions
awakening awareness
of our Self
beyond ourselves

31. Sharing

Sharing: extending caring energy to others with our time, money, possessions, loving actions.

Everyone is interdependent in obvious and subtle ways. We are always exchanging on form of energy for another.

Within we have a source of self-sustaining love and energy to use for our own and others highest good. This love is always available for our use, brought to our awareness when we feel loving. If we want to feel energized we only have to assume a positive, loving, sharing attitude, and the energy is instantly available in our body to act energetically. Notice that when someone suggests an activity you enjoy, that even if you were feeling tired, you suddenly feel enthusiasm and energized in your body.

As we share our energy we enjoy a feeling of communion with the creation, because we are connecting with that which is another manifestation of the same spirit running through all creation, empowering and sustaining on a constant, continuing basis.

Caring promotes sharing
Sharing awakens
our consciousness of connection
as an integral link
in the entire creation
empowered and sustained
by the energy of love

32. Being at Peace

We are at peace when our body feels relaxed, mind peaceful, and we are content with everyday actions and interactions.

From this state of contentment we can be our most creative and productive. And, when the necessities of life are being met, we have energy left to expand creatively.

As we begin using our creative energies we start feeling and being in touch with the source of those energies. Like this: We become absorbed in an art project and loose track of time. Suddenly an hour has passed. This shows us that time is relative in perception, in our consciousness.

If one supposed constant can seem to change at different times, what else in nature and our world is really relative instead of constant? This question raises a curiosity in our mind. What really is the constant of the universe?

These questions have answers and the answers come from the same source that provides our creative energy. An answer could be inner peace. The more we apply our creative energy to all aspects of living, the easier it is to live within our state of inner peace.

Creativity nurtures peace
Peace nurtures creativity
Creativity begets expansion and usefulness
to ourselves and the universe

To relax into the state of peacefulness within, which allows creative growth and expanded consciousness, listen and follow your inner voice, your conscience, under all circumstances.

In order to listen to your conscience clearly act for the highest good at all times. This develops a clear channel between your mind's desires and God's guiding hand, the conscience. Doing so brings us to an ever deepening awareness of who we really are and why we're here on the planet.

Practice Peace

33. Vitality: Its Source

Vitality is a stream of energy constantly available

Why don't we always feel vitalized? We set up mental and physical blocks which hamper its free flow.

Mentally, to keep the flow of vitality full stream, assume positive attitudes under all circumstances. Make every lemon into delicious lemonade. In this world of duality there are opposite aspects to every issue. Choose the positive expansive side, let the other side be turned from view. Give the life-giving side your attention. Let mental stress fall away by substituting positive views and actions.

Physically, keep the circulation of oxygenated blood at full force by:

1. Eating the cleanest diet possible;
2. Breathing deeply and fully; breathing practices such as yoga pranayama and aerobic exercise bring in life-giving oxygen;
3. Tone the body with hatha yoga, swimming, walking or other whole-body exercises.

Balance all physical health practices. The physical is a denser form of mental energy. We can see physical atoms under the microscope. The physical is a denser form of mental energy. The mental atoms we have yet to see under the microscope. We have yet to see the atoms of the mind but we know they are present because we are using the mind to analyze this writing.

Controlling the physical body prepares us to control our rambling thoughts. And just as true is that willpower applied can control the actions of our body.

As the physical and mental stumbling blocks dissolve and melt down the strong wind of vital energy easily blows through us; its energy carrying us along, full speed, in whatever our pursuit.

The source of vital energy is what we call God within. We can align with this source of ever-present radiance and vitality by relaxing into, surrendering to the direction of our conscience, our Higher Self, in all circumstances.

Relax into the Source
Experience your vitality unveiled

34. The Circle of Lovingness

We experience ourselves in a circle of love when we give from our heart.

The circle is within us. Beginning at the Divine Source, our heart, there is an eternally flowing spring of the purest waters imaginable, waters of pure self-sustaining love; a spring that can never dry up or run out. And the more we allow the pure waters of our Self to flow through our being and bathe others, the greater our opening of divine expression. The snowball effect.

As we love more
our capacity to love increases

To multiply and be fruitful means more than to just have children. To be really fruitful, multiply loving actions. Then, you will experience some of how God loves us.

The circle of love is within us this way: Love springs from our heart, expresses itself through our caring actions, and returns to us through the fulfillment we feel as we express love.

As we manifest our love we feel blissful. We are aligning with the eternal harmony and peace of eternity. Our body feels easeful, with a storehouse of vibrant energy available in unlimited supply.

Allow your circle of love to expand and multiply everyday by giving and living for the highest good, the most conscious good.

We always live within the circle, within the heart of our Creator.

Beloved Heart Divine
May the circle
of your energies pulsing through me
warm my actions

35. Happiness

Happiness: Feeling good about ourselves and others; seeing the positive side of our situation; feeling relaxed and content; accepting what is and knowing, having faith, that all is part of the larger unseen plan. Feeling connected to others and life.

Happiness is actually our self-sustained state of natural harmony. We feel happy when we are aligned with our inner harmony. It is the state of our being we are in when we follow our conscience, our inner guidance system. After consistently following our conscience we automatically and easily follow what is for the highest good in all situations. Then we remain aware of the state of happiness we want to experience.

About emotions: It is natural to grieve the loss of a loved one or cry when in pain. All emotional feelings are ours to experience. The underlying state of harmony and happiness remains, though, even in grief. The sun is still shining though passing clouds obscure its light. We will see the light again. We can allow passing moods and emotions their play for awhile while retaining awareness that we will be conscious of our innate happiness once again.

Our periods of loss and pain can be shortened if we relax our body and allow the process to roll through us.

A variety of experiences have their play in each of our lives. That is how everyday life on earth is. Every situation eventually gets resolved. The sooner we relax, the sooner we feel connected and in harmony again.

Happiness is more than feeling on the high end of the spectrum. Happiness is always deep in our consciousness as a reality of our soul. When we are following the prodding of our soul we enjoy being aware of our happiness.

To make happiness a conscious reality, practice some centering techniques; meditation and deep relaxation allow our soul awareness to come to our ordinary mind again.

Harmony manifested

36. Balancing on Life's Teeter Totter

We balance on life's teeter totter when we confront and resolve the issue facing us at the moment, without causing an upset.

As on a balancing board, sometimes we're up and sometimes we're down. The sway is challenging as long as we don't go too far either way. In life that means being moderate in sense enjoyments and all other ways; including considering the needs and feelings of all concerned.

If we swing uncomfortably either way we can regain our balance by slightly adjusting our thinking, attitudes, or activity toward a more moderate stance. We don't have to snap back the other way, we'll just be over-extended at the opposite side. The goal is just to take the edges off the extreme end.

In practical living adjust thinking and actions to what you can really live with, free of undo stress and tiredness. Balance means the energies are flowing easily and freely as we need them.

Some ways to maintain a broader range of endurance on the teeter totter of life, and to build up reserves to take peak stress at either the high or low end:

1. Eat a clean diet;
2. Keep the joints supple, organs toned, blood oxygenated through practicing hatha yoga plus an aerobic activity such as swimming or walking;
3. Keep a positive outlook and know that every conflict does have a resolve;
4. Meditate to relax into and become familiar with the Self that sustains and observes everything we do mentally and physically; the Self that is always stable, balanced, and unaffected by the outer activities; the Self that watches all we do and remains peaceful and blissful throughout. By contact with our Self we learn to integrate ease into outer actions.

Balancing is an ongoing process. By adjusting ourselves to the circumstances at hand we can maintain our equilibrium during life's ups and downs. Keeping our body and mind healthy by the above methods gives us that cushion of reserve energy so we don't feel the little daily shocks so much. Lastly, realize we all experience many ups and downs, but have our own peaceful state to relax into within ourselves, found in communion with our higher Self; closer to us than this page.

37. The Opening Heart

The Opening Heart: growth in awareness that love is a sustaining force from within that energizes us into feeling harmony during all circumstances.

The Opening Heart: a center of self-sustained warm heat continually burning, as a sun, to provide warmth and energy for our caring actions, and to heat and nourish those around us by our vibrancy.

The Opening Heart: pulsating in sync with the flowing tides of creation.

The Opening Heart: from our awareness of self-sustained energy we love and give of ourselves, of that part of ourselves that has wedded to, become unconditional love, divine love.

The Opening Heart is a growing consciousness, connection, oneness with all

38. There Is Always a Way to Work it Out

There is a 'best' solution to each situation

Why feel attached or set to follow a specific course when more harmonious options become apparent?

In the end, what will best preserve our peace of mind is that resolve which feels most comfortable.

Looking ahead to the results of a planned action helps us evaluate the best course to follow; an option that currently and in the long run will be for the highest good of all concerned.

If a decision needs to be made quickly follow intuition, that action which feels right in your body and mind; meaning the body feels relaxed and the mind peaceful, free of stress.

A best solution is not always the easiest way. Have courage. Summon your energy by willpower. Make affirmations and follow through on the path that keeps you feeling centered. We have to live with decisions a long time after we make them.

When there is plenty of time to consider, write down the options that come to mind. Make a pro and con list. Then choose the course. By laying a problem out on paper and looking at it as an object, we are literally putting a little distance between us and the problem, which gives the perspective of seeing the problem is not part of us. Instead, it is an issue to address and resolve.

Issues come and go and different conflicts come up, over and over, but we remain constantly ourselves.

Sometimes we are so set in our mind on a certain track that we can not disconnect ourselves and follow the better plan. But by surrendering our attachment to a set way, our thinking expands and is open to other options. An ice cube begins hard, small, frozen. As it sits in warm water its boundaries slowly give way and the once hard cube blends completely into the whole glass of water. With us, as we allow our hardened mind barriers to loosen, we blend, harmonize, with the options that are most harmonious and peaceful with the full cup of our whole life.

That which feels best
works best

39. Flirting

Mother Nature inspires us to flirt to attract a mating partner. During flirting the cosmic energy is drawn to the regenerative chakra and transmitted to the same chakra of the person with whom we are flirting.

During flirting both people feel warmth in the body below the waist causing a temporary high in their ego-mind.

The natural response to this stimulus is gratification through mating, forming a bond on physical, psychological, and ego levels. This bond insures that the partners will be together to care for the offspring, the natural result of the flirting, mating process. Without flirting mating does not take place. Flirting serves as a messenger to another person, saying, I desire to mate with you.

In the act of flirting one feels a warmth and fullness, body and mind. The ego mind is briefly satisfied being within the created circle of vibrant energy between the two people. When the flirter does not follow through by mating, nature is thwarted. One steps from nature's plan into an egoistic plan. Disharmony results. We have stimulated and left energy in the lower chakra of another person. This is a subterfuge of nature's gift, which calls for converting the energy in the lower chakra into caring energy centered in the heart, as lovemaking inspires.

Flirting followed by abandonment leaves a gnawing pain in the lower chakra of the other person. We have caused another pain instead of the gain lovemaking provides in carrying this cosmic energy up the spine to the expansive radiating radiant heart of our immortal Self.

40. How to Live the Will of God

God's will is for us to each experience our fullest Self in each moment, beginning right at this moment.

As we live and grow, we expand our capacity to understand who we are, where we've come from, our destiny.

A young child is sweet, but a nature adult can be a fountain of deeply caring love and wisdom. Each moment we are becoming enriched, more awakened to our finer senses and awareness of transcendental love. We can then incorporate unconditional love, kindness, gentleness, and care into our regular daily living.

In order to grow optimally as humans we need to be receptive to and follow the prodding of our conscience. Then each experience becomes a building block of good character that we may become strong receptacles for awareness of God's vibrant, graceful, warm energy.

As we follow our conscience more of the time, laying aside our self-will if necessary, we become aware of the expanded will that serves us and others for the highest good.

The self-centered will is but a small umbrella ineffectually protecting us from life's storms.

Our conscience serves us as a sheltering building. This strong expansive building allows us to be fully protected while we move around under its covering.

God's will, coming to our awareness through our conscience, serves us better than our self-will. That which creates and sustains is more conscious than what is created.

By using our free will to tune into our conscience, God's will, we align ourselves with the expansive energy that created our mind-body and all else in the world. We feel in harmony and energized because we are not using our energy fighting the pounding surf of disorder. We go beyond the churning surf to enjoy the peaceful, stable, deeper waters.

God's will becomes our will
when we go beyond our self-will

41. Loving Energy in Daily Life

Caring kind actions are reflections of God. A caring loving attitude stokes the 'heart' of our soul's generator providing an energetic feeling in our body. We can channel loving energy into all our actions each day, like spicing our food just right so we will enjoy it more.

When we want to do something we feel energetic. When we don't want to act we feel dull and lethargic.

Since a caring outlook brings up a vibrant energy for our use, we feel lighter in body and mind, less weighted down in our daily duties. We go through the same actions, but at the end we are not tired in the way we would be if we felt we were acting out of obligation.

We think putting an extra measure of care into a job will drain us. Not so. Holding a positive attitude keeps us on track with our underlying natural harmony. Every cell in our body lives in harmony with its neighbor cell for the good of the whole body.

It is easier to drive a car on the highway, which is smooth and made for cars, than to drive across a field. Staying in harmony by being good, doing good with caring feelings, is the 'highway of harmony' in life. Discord, negativity, self-centeredness, sidetrack our car off the smooth highway into a rough road, a bumpy field, maybe a ditch.

Why put ourselves on the rough road when the highway is right under us, underlying every thought that comes to mind? Zoom along feeling great, by staying on the highway of harmony in thoughts and actions.

Love is care
Care to love
Loving care feels good

42. I Am in Love with You

I am in love with you
my Creator and Sustainer
I show you my unconditional love
by acting lovingly with all creation
I am shining as a sun
because of my love for you
That all may come to know
you created us
from the body of your Self
the energy of lovingness
Upon the rays of your love
flowing through me
I warm all who need me
with eternally caring love

43. Easy Communication in Relationships

When we have a loving attitude as the motivation for communicating the correct words come out of our mouth.

Communicating is not a skill one learns in a course. Instead, the capacity to communicate easily is built into us by our Creator, activated when we are in a caring mode of being.

The attitude of caring is the key to enter the world of easy communication. It is our choice to flip the switch to caring.

Ease of body
Ease of mind
Easy words
Easy Communication

We keep ourselves from communicating effectively in our relationships until we choose giving, caring, sharing feelings.

When we are in a caring mood we are relaxed, feeling the natural harmony of mind and body. The mind and body function as partners as we direct, by the attitude of the moment. From this easeful space and place, our personal harmonious self-environment, our thoughts come through us into words, easily.

Caring attitudes
Create harmony in body, mind
Make communication fine

44. Spring

New-born hopes fulfilled
in the promise of summer
Languid days
ripening into wholeness
mellowing into autumn
Resting, nestled warm
in the lovingness
of winter's quiet insight
till once again
New-born spring

45. Beyond Bonding

Beyond bonding
Dissolving separate aspects
into union of oneness
Transcending time, place, space
by fires of lovingness
One shared consciousness
perfect human love
Beyond bonding
dissolved in God

46. Unlimited Happiness

Just love all
Happiness is the Source of all
Loving all
is being in unlimited happiness

47. Clarity

Clear insight
Manifestation of wisdom

48. Peaceful Acceptance

Peaceful acceptance
Allowing others their ways
while retaining personal equanimity

49. Light Melding Atoms

Light melding atoms
Atoms split in light
Atom to atom
Light to light

50. On a Chair

Sitting on a chair
in body, mind, soul
Sitting on a chair

51. First or Last?

So, who shall be first
and who shall be last?
Those rightly doing their task
So, who shall be first
and who shall be last?
Those who think there is a first and a last

52. Tread Lightly

Tread lightly
over granulated ground
of separateness

53. Standing Upright

We stand upright
when rightly loving
while living

54. Links of Love

Joining hands
Joining hearts
Links of love
Links of love
Circles of God
Links of love

55. Meeting

of minds, emotions, egos
of minds, emotions, egos
Opening minds
into release of emotions
Looking beyond ego
by loving unconditionally
Meeting of Self

56. Attunement in God

Every atom in the universe is powered by intelligence in the harmoniously vibrating energy we call God. The energy is intelligent because every atom interrelates and cooperates producing molecules, then the larger systems we see as our physical world.

The pervading energy, God, is non-judgmental. We know this by observing electrical energy, which is just present to be used for good or bad.

The energy we spend on thoughts produces results in our actions, circumstances, relationships.

Positive attitudes, uplifting thoughts, create harmony, beauty, love in our life. Negative, self-centered, destructive thoughts create experiences of loneliness, separation, fear.

The energy of God, already within everything, can be used to feed either the positive, creating beauty, or the negative, creating feelings of disconnection.

The experience of God-consciousness is essentially harmony, the sense of connection we feel as lovingness.

God's will for us is that we come to know and experience this perfection, resulting when we choose to think from a positive attitude in all circumstances.

Along the road to blissful perfection we sometimes stray down the side lanes of self-centeredness and negative thinking, producing unhappiness. Eventually we choose happiness for ourselves and turn to travel the road of positive thinking and action, producing uplifting, beautiful creations. We begin to understand the phrases 'as we think, so we become', and 'we reap what we sow'.

As we 'sow', by attuning our mind with the underlying natural intelligent harmony of God, we 'reap' loving relationships.

In God-consciousness we know our loving positive thoughts are always creating beautiful events in our lives. We can choose to create beauty in our life and relationships by loving.

Our creations
Producing our choices in life
To create lovingness think lovingly
Harmonious thinking
Heavenly living

57. Recovering from the Fall

The fall: slippage into the quicksand of separation

While standing on the edge of a cliff our feet still touch earth. Falling off the cliff we immediately panic, perceiving ourselves disconnected, separated from solid ground.

Solid ground is as our natural flowing harmony, experienced by tuning into what is best for the moment. Acting within our state of harmony we feel a sense of connection with all aspects of ourselves, and inter-connected with others, and our Creator-Sustainer.

The fall. Man has been falling since becoming able to make choices, for better or worse. But, we can choose to get right back up on solid ground.

To keep a firm footing, feeling connected and a part of all, we need to act for the highest good of each moment. A continuing attitude of lovingness assures that our actions will be tuned in with the greatest sense of harmony for each recurring moment.

Let's all keep our feet on solid ground, harmoniously relating, producing peace in our lives, and by our example of love, promoting peace on earth.

58. Truth and Consequences

Truth and consequences. If we live the highest truth we are aware of in each moment, we retain our natural feelings of ease, harmony.

We are made of integrated systems, body, mind, emotion, powered by spiritual energy; every thought and action affecting every system.

As we become more aware of truth by the wisdom gained through daily ups and downs, our actions follow the upgraded lead.

The important point: Follow the highest, clearest inner directive from conscience each moment.

Today's actions may be purer than yesterday's, but as long as we followed our conscience then, we were living the highest truth for us.

Our life can be like a garden. From the beautiful flowers of our lovingness come fruits of abundance in peace and harmony.

Harmony or discord
By our free will
It's our choice

59. Immersed in God

Relaxed and harmonized into each moment, anyplace, under any circumstance, is to be immersed in God.

God is the essence, energy, format of all.

Essence is God.

Energy is God.

Crystallized format is God.

In mind and bodily relaxation we lose consciousness of restraining, containing barriers. We become as malleable clay, molding to fit the situation, while retaining our identity.

Relaxed and buoyant
Moment to moment
Immersed in God
Relaxed in harmony
Moment to moment
Experiencing the love of God
Harmony and love
Moment to moment
Consciously immersed in God

60. Sublime Communion

Sublime communion is permanent.

No matter where we are, sublime feelings of love can exist. Feeling their existence in our mind relaxes our body-mind into integrated fullness, ease, wholeness.

Sublime communion: thoughts of love for the highest good, wishing others well, aligning our life in lovingness with all.

Feelings of lovingness
penetrating, permeating
cells of the soul
Self in the soul of all

61. Inseparable

Inseparable. As every molecule of creation is interrelated, all existence is an inseparable aspect of everything else. In this light we are all relatives of one another and the universe.

Being inseparable allows usage of any part for the good of the whole.
Every aspect is conscious, and when in cooperation contributes to the harmony of the whole.

It benefits us to act with care, as it comes right back to us as harmony in body and mind. Molecularly, we are inseparable, so caring actions align us with our native harmony.

After repeated self-serving interactions, the false idea of separation loses its grip on our mind. Happiness emerges when we notice that our acts of love leave our body feeling warm and our mind uplifted. Repeatedly acting with love and care bares fruit in our expanding consciousness that we are one of the parts and part of the whole. Relationships become extensions of our sense of self-preservation. We act spontaneously for others benefit, as we would previously have acted just for ourselves. This is a blissful and relaxed state. The consciousness of me as separate from thee is gone. We are not thinking ahead of how we will be repaid for our loving kindness.

We are truly inseparable
And affected by all

62. Strong Energy

Strong energy is a blessing allowing us to achieve.

Productively channeling sudden bursts of strong energy is the challenge.

We live in a communal world, so action without disturbing others' peace is necessary to preserve harmony.

As strong energy arises invigorating the body, the mind's job is to adopt a positive caring attitude. Charged positive energy produces harmoniously effective results.

Strongly felt energy
set effectively on course
with positive caring attitudes
produces effective resolutions
for the common good

63. Universal Concern and Care

One act of concern followed by a caring action transforms consciousness.

Each caring act erases some of the preconception that we are isolated within this universe.

Because we see other people moving about we believe separation exists. We remain veiled from our inner vision's universe of supporting interconnection.

We feel universal connection as warmth and relaxation in our body, contentment and awareness in our mind, resulting in harmonious daily living.

Concern and care
act upon act
Relaxing our mind
from conception of isolation
to perception of relation

64. Outer Life; Inner Life

What we do in our outer life forms our inner life. And, strong inner values guide our actions.

Thoughts affect our actions; actions reinforce our thinking.

Harmonious living requires thought and action to accurately reflect each other, both halves cooperating for the highest good.

Congruency, consistency between thought and action, allows us to act out our thoughts smoothly and efficiently. Our energy is increased by this paralleled alignment, as a doubled strand of thread in a seam increases its strength.

Outer life
reflecting uplifting thoughts
allows harmonious living

65. Masters of our Destiny

No matter what our age, we are students, till we learn to preserve harmony in our life by doing what is for the highest good at all times.

To be in total control in our lives, we must harmonize for the best resolve in each situation. We become masters of our destiny when we use our energy to carry out what we perceive as best for all concerned at all times.

Mastering our destiny
Able to enjoy on-going harmony, contentment
by living in accord
with the highest good in our awareness
Selfishness surrendered
Consciousness expanded

66. Using Intuition in Communication

Intuitive information comes from our deeper mind, brought forth for usefulness in daily living.

Access to intuitive knowledge comes in various forms such as:

1. Bodily feelings of comfort or distress;
2. By taking time to formulate a question in the mind, and then being receptive to arising thoughts in response.
Our physical body is a barometer, a gauge of where we stand in relation to issues. As we read our bodily gauge of ease or unrest we can determine and implement what we need to do to restore harmony and balance.

Non-verbal intuitive communication works both ways. We receive it. We send it. And by communicating with a relaxed body and peaceful mind harmony is maintained.

Inside information
brought out for usefulness
in assessing the complete situation
preservation, restoration
of harmonious interaction

67. Layering

We layer our mind with excuses to avoid taking responsibility for our actions.

When we layer our mind with defenses against what is best for us, we fog the window of our mind, interfering with optimal daily functioning. A foggy mind does not make the best decisions.

In order to again see the light of what is for the highest good, we need to wipe away the built up layers obstructing forward progress.

Time-honored spiritual practices along with virtuous living do the job. Some practices for cleansing:

1. Purification such as asanas, aerobics, clean diet;
2. Positive attitudes;
3. Productive activities;
4. Prayer (supplication, meditation, appreciation, application);
5. Upgrading habits;
6. Living for the highest good.

Then, the layers once distorting our view and functioning lose their substance and disappear. What remains is contentment, such as we feel on a sunny warm spring day; our own state of light-heartedness becoming our constant reality.

Past layers fogging perception
Burned off by purification
Light of Self shining through
Confronting life content, renewed

68. Nearsighted Behavior

Nearsighted behavior: acting for temporary gratification regardless of long-term result.

Replacing near-sight with insight provides satisfaction.

Insightful behavior may use more energy initially because we have to consider all options, but we are setting the course for long-term results, instead of feeling like we have no control over destiny.

Planning for our highest good now and for later preserves our experience of unbroken contentment. We feel at peace and we know our actions are setting the stage for a progressively fulfilling future.

Near-sighted to insightful behavior
by taking time to act for the highest good
Contentment preserved

69. Choosing from the Buffet

The world is laid out before us as a buffet table.

We go along in life picking and choosing to our taste, experiencing the affects and after-affects.

Choices in the world are just there, neutral; not jumping into our lives.

With repetition, we memorize the choices and become selective, taking only what we really want, and with more time, choosing what will be for our highest good.

We do the choosing
then live the affects

70. Idling in Neutral

Idling in neutral: pausing and waiting before deciding on the next course of action.

Taking time before proceeding gives us space to consider options. Emotional or impulsive behavior may not produce what we would have wanted for ourselves in retrospect.

It is more productive in the long run to be still with the motor of our thoughtful mind running, considering in which direction to proceed, than to race ahead just to be moving and actively doing.

Idling in neutral
no bias of mind
Actively considering
best uses our time
Impulsive behavior
transformed by cleared mind

71. Compassion for Ourselves

We need to be compassionate with ourselves at the place we are right now, as we all have a starting place from which to go forward. We will have a better future if we start from where we are now, acting in cooperation with our conscience.

Compassion for ourselves can be developed by:

1. Sitting still and calming the mind with meditation and regular breathing;
2. Adopting a positive outlook and in-look, which means to accept the moment as it is and automatically the next moment in time will be better.

Compassion for ourselves
allows each moment
to grow in radiance

72. Predictable; Unpredictable

What comes
seems to go
But closed eyes see
in any format desired
Relaxed mind and body
feel whatever one desires

In outer events, predictable is really unpredictable. But the experience of harmony, happiness, is maintained throughout, by following the inner guidance of conscience along with holding a caring attitude.

Predictable joy
follows attitudes and actions
of lovingness, consciousness

73. Respect

Acceptance with appreciation
Reverence for what uplifts and inspires
Respect for ourselves
when we love unconditionally
Respect earned by caring actions
for our world family; environment
Respect given
Respect earned
as we are uplifted by
and uplift others

74. Thoughts

Thought precedes action

Negative thoughts breed negative actions.

Positive thoughts breed positive actions.

Thoughts flow through our mind in a continual succession. We have free will to give or not give additional energy to passing thoughts.

By developing a positive outlook we more easily choose to follow through on positive thoughts.

Practices that promote positive attitudes and their subsequent positive thoughts and actions are meditation, ethical living, caring acts.

Body and mind
partners in expression

When we're physically weakened we don't think out solutions as rapidly as usual; the mind as well as the body is sluggish.

When we're physically healthy we feel good. We are then most capable and likely to have a positive attitude and act with care; fostering expansion in our consciousness.

ever present
ever changing
Opportunities for growth in consciousness
by using our free will to choose
the positive course of action

75. Where are Heaven and Hell?

Heaven and hell are not physical destinations in our future. They are with us right now as our state of mind.

Heaven is our mind in harmony.

Hell is our mind in discord.

Our internal-eternal goal is to transform discord into harmony through choices for the highest good of the situation. We have free will to transform each moment into a hellish or heavenly outcome.

A positive attitude combined with obeying our inner voice of conscience breeds happiness. By adding a caring, loving attitude to positive thoughts and actions, we radiate our heavenly state of harmony, uplifting others to consciousness of their experience of heaven.

Heaven or hell
Status of mind
Chosen by free will
Positive thinking producing caring actions
or negative thinking, breeding unhappy results
Heaven or hell
Happiness or sadness
Harmony or discord
States of mind
Status of being
Chosen by free will

76. Conscientious Action

Conscientious action
allows consciousness to develop
step by step
by taking the invisible but sure way
we know is right
for each and every moment
Conscientious action
steeped in caring love
the invisible but sure way
to consciousness of expansive joy
in each and every moment

77. Talking with God

The guidance of God comes to us as the voice of our conscience

When we mentally ask for a resolve to a situation, the answer comes up in our mind via our conscience, letting us know what action is for the highest good. The choice is ours to follow or ignore.

How do we recognize God's voice, our conscience?

Easily recognizing the voice of conscience is developed by keeping a caring attitude, and acting for the highest good, repeatedly. We know we are following our conscience by these signs:

1. our body feels relaxed with our decision;
2. our mind is content and peaceful;
3. no one is negatively affected.

While we are in process of learning how to follow our conscience, we can rely on the dictates and moral guidelines laid out by religions and society. These outer rules guide us safely while we use a caring attitude and develop the strength of character to follow our own conscience consistently. The basic golden rule to treat others as we wish to be treated is easy to remember and reliable guidance while we are not yet steady in recognizing and following our personal conscience.

As our conscience is our personal link with God, it is worth the effort to develop this intimate relationship that will always serve our highest experience of peace and happiness.

In acting for the highest good of which we are aware, we nourish our self-esteem. We continually feel more in control of our life knowing there is a best way to resolve any situation. As our self-assurance and self-esteem increase, we feel a growing sense of fulfillment and joy in living.

Joy in living is the goal
of each awakening human soul
Attained by consistently following
the voice of God
our conscience

78. The Need for Harmony in Marriage

In marriage each partner has basic needs to be fulfilled individually, and additionally within the context of their relationship. Needs that stem from harmony within one's being and outwardly in interaction.

No one makes us happy. But we do feel happy in a person's presence when there is a mutual harmonious meeting of uplifting personal qualities.

We are happy or not individually. And, in marriage, we share this happiness, harmony, or discontent in unhappiness, disharmony.

Marriage can be a carriage that is roomy with space for growth and fulfillment and harmony, or a small compartment bound in by barriers of jealousy and possessiveness.

Objectively looking at the personal alignment with harmony or disharmony in a prospective marriage partner, we can determine whether we would be riding in a roomy or bound-in marriage carriage.

The relationship does not become harmonious by the exchange of marriage vows. What a relationship is before continues after the wedding. Evolution from disharmony to harmony is meticulously earned. We are solely responsible for our own evolution within our relationship with our Creator-Sustainer. We can not expect to speed up our marriage partner's progress toward harmony if harmony is not present in the moment.

A blessing of harmonious marriage is refreshment in the deep pool of warm abiding love

79. Direct Experience of God

We can appreciate the reflections of God's beauty and intelligence in the uplifting forms of nature: panoramic sunrises and sunsets; myriad colors, scents, and varieties of blossoms; overwhelming majesty of mountains; the peaceful wash of sea as it dissolves into the horizon.

But more than appreciating God as inspiring reflections of beauty and intelligence, we can experience God through the inter-relatedness of deep human love.

We are endowed with the capacity to create beauty and harmony for ourselves and the world around us.

When we look with love into the eyes of our beloved, feeling the meeting of souls, a greater love emerges. A sparked, recharged energy that warms our physical body and brings to our mind a sense of wholeness, wellbeing, awareness of our everlasting Self.

It is in the depths of intimacy between loving souls that we transcend our awareness of ourselves as observers of the reflections of God's beauty. In the depths of loving human intimacy we come to experience our unseen roots of consciousness as stretching backward, and therefore forward in time, eternally. We come to realize that our consciousness of love and connection is alive in us whether or not we are in the physical presence of a beloved. And in this loving parallel we know that our Creator is also alive in us as Love.

Deeply interactive human love
Direct experience
of our eternal roots, immortality
Oneness with the unseen
Oneness with God

80. Submerged in the Ocean of Life

Even while deeply submerged in the ocean of life
God's light shines upon us
By making the effort to push upward
through murky and stormy waters
of notions of separateness
to lovingness, self-giving
We bask in the full beauty, warmth, splendor
of our Creator-Sustainer

Susan Kramer and Stan Schaap, Chicago Botanical Garden, 2000.

Susan Kramer, M.A., M.Div. is an international author of more than 50 collections and over 150 articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, yoga and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The poetry in this collection is from as early as 1970; the essays from 1982-1990.
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