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Spiritual Commentary on Euthanasia

by Susan Kramer

This commentary is a spiritual reflection on the following definition of euthanasia:

- Action or non-action with the intent to alleviate suffering that ends or shortens a person's life -

Spiritually, we are here to nurture, not to harm another or ourselves.

There are ways to alleviate human pain without euthanasia.

- A cry for death from a patient is a cry for relief from suffering -

The patient is seeing the only escape as death while in the midst of pain; physical, mental, or emotional.

Perhaps the easiest of physical, mental, and emotional pain to alleviate is physical, as there are drugs to make the person comfortable.

Emotional and mental pain can be alleviated by drugs, also, but altering a person's emotional-mental intent to die is not removed just by administering drugs.

The emotional-mental intent to end one's life is contrary to the purpose of living on earth; growth in consciousness. By hastening another's death we deprive them of further time for spiritual growth.

A poem I wrote explains about spiritual growth when a person feels of no use, sees no further purpose in living, or appears unconscious:

 The deconstruction of our bodies is a transition
in progression into Self-awareness
Noticing that our bodies age, weaken, sicken
is an incentive, a wakeup call
to turn attention within.

As the moth nestled in a cocoon
seemingly slumbers unconsciously
it is in reality changing form
before breaking out into format
allowing greater freedom.

So we, too, can grow
within the cocoon of a sick or aging body
and in one unexpected, perfect moment
break free
experiencing bliss in consciousness
transcending physical-mental-emotional pain.

Can one deprive another of this possibility?


Commentary on Euthanasia and photo copyright 2000-2018 Susan Kramer
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