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versus Fear-Consciousness

Susan Kramer

Positive attitudes and uplifting thoughts create harmony, beauty, and love in our life. Negative, destructive thoughts create experiences of loneliness, separation and the fear that we will lose what we have.

The experience of universal consciousness is essentially harmony, connection, that we feel as lovingness. Our Creator's will for us in the long run is to come to know and experience the perfection of harmony, resulting from when we act for the highest good of each circumstance in each moment.

As we attune our mind and subsequent actions with the natural intelligent harmony, as we are all destined to do, we reap love in our life.

Our creations producing our choices
Harmonious thinking
Happiness in living

In God-consciousness we perceive ourselves in all parts of creation, right down to the atoms that make up the cell structure of energy, and organic and inorganic matter.

When we feel fear, we have created a separation, a division. We feel it is us versus the object we are afraid of, which can be a person, event, or feeling.

If we realized that God is the intelligent loving force in all atoms, we would align with this innate harmony and be incapable of fear. Are we not all inter-linked within the creation?

Since there is no division of God's loving intelligent energy within creation, we are not aligning with the Truth when we mentally create separation and division; artificial barriers in our love for all. We really are one with all.

Just as the entire length of chain moves when one link is tugged, we too, influence all creation by our own actions, our tugs.

When our mind creates a sense of separation, we feel fear. We are afraid we are being left out of something, being left alone, stranded.

It is our ego that feels separation and fear, until the dawning of the realization of our oneness with all. Then we feel and know from our heart that we need never listen to the mind-generated fears, because we never have been, and never can be separated from anything. We are intrinsically united.

As long as I see
myself and another before Thee
I am not with Thee

Let us replace fear-consciousness with unconditional love for others and ourselves, till we see no other before God.

© copyright 2000-2011 Susan Helene Kramer
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