An article in the online magazine, Crystal Oasis, July, 1999

Flowing in Time, Making the Most of Time

Susan Kramer

Given quality
Brightened capacity
Flows through our lives as liquid silver

Liquid silver; valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable.

Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable—liquid silver—by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade—viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade—viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Flowing, Progressing in Consciousness is a Process…

Progress in consciousness is a process
Tribulation into Transformation
Transformation revealing
that lasting happiness
is free from dependence on stimulants
accumulation of possessions
and relationships out of neediness
Transformation into awareness
that what is here is for our use
in the process of progressing
And a reminder
that while we are here
The Love of our Creator
unites us all together as One
We are One now
We have always been One
One Spirit
permeating every atom of creation
We become aware in ourselves
that the throb of the Energy-Spirited
All-encompassing Vibrant Force
While One
Manifests through each of us
in our thoughts and actions
A Loving Spirit
Sustaining us
from and with
Unlimited Consciousness

To Flow in Optimal Love, Just Love All…

Sparkling bright
perpetually bubbling loving light
The energy of creation
Light-hearted attitudes and words
preceding actions
serving the highest good

Sparkling energy serving the highest good
The radiance of our expanding lovingness
warms our body, our feelings
Contagious to everyone around us
A receptive attitude
allowing a broader and richer base
for current and future living
With a receptive attitude
energy generates—releases
for personal fulfillment
Through caring, sharing acts
immersed in being nurtured and nurturing
we grow in consciousness
in lovingness
Openness to receiving love
makes space for its conception
Pleasure is temporary
Pain is temporary
What underlies both steadfastly
is lovingness
In attitude and action
during ups and downs
we preserve peace of mind
and contentment
by remembering that the
energy of transitory pain and pleasure
will be transformed into another format
And then another
Pleasure is temporary
Pain is temporary
What is not temporary is lovingness

in attitude and action
As every molecule of creation is interrelated
we are relatives of one another
and the universe
When our actions harmonize for the highest good
we are aligning
with our native molecular connection
And everyone else
and everything else
benefits by our inner-outer harmony
By repeatedly acting harmoniously
we lose identity with separation
We come to realize that we are
one of the parts
And part of the One
Truly inseparable
Affected by all
No matter where we are
sublime feelings of love can exist
Feeling love's existence in our mind
relaxes our body-mind
into fullness
feelings of lovingness
within the cells of our soul
Our Self in the soul of all
Streaming bright
Loving light
our night of self-ignorance
with remembrance of the Self
that formed us of
gracefully enlightened love

At day's end
At times' end
There is no more forevermore
than harmony and love for all
In sharing, caring
flowing in time
Become aware
Just Love All

Writing copyright 1999-2003 Susan Kramer
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