Gratefulness as an Experience of Joy

Susan Kramer

As babies, we see the world around us at face value; shapes, colors, dimensions. It is only later that we come to feel gratitude for the unseen but present qualities of love, care, and kindness.

Our growth in consciousness of what is unseen by our eyes and bodily senses is a natural evolutionary process—a process we grow into through our experiences in living. Through our emotions and thought process, we see that some parts of life are very real and used by us, even though we can't see them with our eyes. And we learn by our reflections, that all in this world that we see and perceive with our senses has a hidden underlying structure.

Supporting the seen
a structure unseen

A house with its roof, walls, and floors is an example of the unseen supporting the seen. If we knock a hole in the wall we would see much more than by just looking at the flat surface. Studs, insulation, plumbing lines, electric, phone and cable lines, etc. What is visible and useful on the outside of the wall is supported behind the scenes by more than our eye leads us to believe.

Our perception can become unlimited. A way to discover the unseen consciousness behind the outer covering of ourselves and everything, is by going within our mind in the stillness of self-analysis, reflection, and meditation. As we use our mind to dissect our inner workings, and experience the bliss brought on through our time in meditation, we see the inside view of the universe that is working to support the outside objects visible to our sight.

As we come to know and understand, first hand, through meditation, especially, just what is behind the outer forms, we can then make use of the unseen aspects of ourselves. Through meditation we perceive that what is supporting us is an energy that is so vibrant, that when we consciously perceive its presence our physical body heats up, perhaps perspires, and our mind is filled with joy.

From this inner experience of the energy supporting our mind and bodily systems we take back contentment and competence into daily living. We come to feel gratitude in daily living.

This process of diving within to our depths of joy and harmony—then bringing harmony out into daily living with gratitude is a built-in plan to discover and use so that our experience of living will be the best it can be. And as we use the inner aspects of ourselves in our daily life, we inspire others to dive into the depth of their own pool of consciousness within—they want to be happy and live harmonious lives, too.

As each of us grows in consciousness of our unseen roots—bringing the inner harmony into the outer focus, we will all become aware and able to use harmony for the good of all people on our planet, and everything in our universe.

The unseen consciousness
ever with us, ever supporting us
and with gratitude for the love we feel and share in our lives
able to enjoy the fullness, the richness of the unseen

writing copyright 2000-2003 Susan Kramer
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