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Harmony in the Home

Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness
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There is the aspect of harmony in the house we live in, and harmony in the aspect of our own body as the home our soul lives in while we are on earth.

Either way, harmony is a quality we were born with as part of ourselves. Harmony is not something we strive to acquire. If we always followed our conscience, acting for the highest good, we would always be enjoying our state of harmony - feeling good, contented in our relationships, and our daily living circumstances.

As we enjoy our state of harmony
those around us get in touch

with their own harmonious feelings

What we are, we reflect outwardly. Others feel the harmony and are reminded about that aspect of themselves, eventually living from that state, also.

We learn by example
then become the example!

To maintain the awareness of harmony amongst all member of the home, someone must first manifest harmony. This is the parent's role for their children's benefit. Children learn about and experience their own personal harmony in a harmoniously run home and, in turn, they become examples for their friends and others. The awareness of harmony is awakened in many, as a candle flame ignites innumerable wicks - their lights becoming just as bright as the first flame!

To become aware of our personal harmony
first requires house cleaning
body and mind

A clean clear crystal reflects light brilliantly. When we become clear-sighted and pure of heart, we reflect the light of wisdom, the eternal love of our soul. Others are drawn to that brightness and purified by that light of harmony as they let fall the mind barriers which have been hiding their own light.

All will eventually shine beautifully - each in perfect harmony within themselves and in interrelations with family, friends, and the creation!

Realize the harmony
in the home
of your soul

text and garden photo © 1988-2003 Susan Kramer
Text previously published by permission in Integral Yoga Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 2, Mar/Apr '89. Author retained copyright.
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