Hugging Is Nurturing

Susan Kramer

It feels good to be in the embrace of a hug. To give a hug; to receive a hug. We are transported back to the warm feeling and security of infancy when we were fed within the embrace of a hug, heart to heart.

And today we are still fed with feelings of warmth by participating in a loving hug.

I think it is in interaction with other people, our pets, and all living forms that we as our individual self feel most connected to our infinite, all-encompassing Self. Coming to experience that we are one of the parts, part of the One.

While we have our bodies let's make use of them by giving hugs both spontaneously, and with intention. This is practical spirituality in action, as it is spiritual to be kind and caring, and hugging shows we care.

Hugging is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; all the parts of us included in a hug. And it is such a simple act.

Hugging takes us from self-centeredness to Self-centeredness. No one is totally independent from others or the resources provided by others. And in hugging we acknowledge our interaction and interdependence within creation.

In recognizing our interdependence within creation we feel more kinship and care for creation, giving us the incentive to be caring with those outside our home; in community, country, and with our environment. In recognizing our interdependence we come to feel the whole world as our home, and in this consciousness we act for the good of the whole world spontaneously.

Hugging one-to-one grows into consciousness that we are interconnected with the world as a whole. And in world consciousness we feel abundant warmth and comfort; that warm family feeling on a grander scale.

copyright  2000-2003 Susan Kramer
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