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The Human Experience; Holy, Whole, Loving by Susan Kramer Purple cactus atop Meditation Mount, Ojai, California; the only place in the world this grows. Photo credit Susan Kramer.

Our human nature encompasses every aspect of our natural selves. Nothing excluded. Those attributes we may feel are not worthy of our humanness can be refined till we feel balanced and whole in our innate holiness.

Wholeness is holiness. For in wholeness or holiness we manifest all that is, as cloned from our Creator-Sustainer.

Our beloved Creator-Sustainer providing the model
for modeling our lives into alignment with our Source, once again

In this natural world we encounter a parallel world of opposites. By our free will we carry attitudes, thoughts, and create things and situations that we think will give us happiness now and later.

We choose.

Choices made for positive and good create peace of mind and harmony now, right this moment; set the ball rolling along a positive track in the future.

Attitudes, thoughts, actions reap like results.

When we are in harmony with people and the environment we feel complete and whole. We feel fulfilled—at ease in our body and peaceful. This is our natural wholeness and holiness.

What is of Spirit is for everyday living. What else matters? If we had an esoteric thought that could not be applied to making everyday an experience of joy, why partake of it?

The esoteric qualities are present
for our use in bonding back to completeness—holiness—wholeness

The esoteric qualities that I find useful in daily living are unconditional love, goodness, kindness, charity, purity. These qualities uplift my consciousness when I am feeling out of sorts; when I am feeling down or negative. They are simply attitude adjustments.

To encourage myself in keeping holy, whole, I take good care of my body. I get enough sleep, eat what agrees with me, exercise and pray daily; keep to a routine that allows time for this self-nurturing. And with each person during the day I give my attention and wholeness, whether friend, acquaintance or someone new. In viewing and interacting from my best self I feel like I am caring just as I would wish to be cared about. I feel peace and contentment in giving of my most holy and whole self.

Loving and caring for another wholeheartedly uses my energy optimally; it does not use up my energy. Rather, more energy recharges my body during my acts of caring. Could this be how Mother Therese was able to care for so many? I think by giving of her wholeness and holiness she allowed for a continuing flow of energized love to course through her tiny frame, her tiny but tremendously productive body.

Spirit recharges us with more and more energy when we switch on positive attitudes, thoughts, actions.

Holy and Whole
Abundant energy arising
Recharging our body
from attitudes of love
kindness, caring
Daily living all that it can be
All that it is meant to be
as kindred souls in God
Exemplifying our loving nature
We are our most human Self
when we love
When we love fully, completely
under all circumstances
in any circumstance
In an uncomfortable situation
by turning our thoughts to caring love
we change our role in the moment
we change the scene of the moment
It is in loving unconditionally
that we align with the ever-flowing constant
Source of all energy
And in loving alignment
realignment of that moment
a surge of warmth sweeps away debris
Debris of negative thinking
clouding, hiding
an equitable resolve
Love conquers all
Loving energy a rushing river
unstoppable by man
Overpowering brambles of negative thinking
Love is of God, love is God
Manifesting in harmony, vibrancy
as we align, join the river of love's flow
by being good, doing good
aligning for the most useful good
of each moment
'Flow on in my life River of Love
Flow on in my life
Carrying me along your swift current
Washing away debris, energizing me
Clearing my thoughts
That I may clearly see
My Loving Nature'
Copyright 1999-2003 Susan Kramer
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