Illusions of Change

Susan Kramer

Darkness of night
subtly illumined by moon and stars
Brightness of day
subtly muted by atmosphere and clouds

As with nature, conditions and situations in our lives are in shades and gradations. What is not an illusion of change as being the constant is unconditional love.

To understand and work within reality requires thoughtful introspection, followed by action for the highest good. Following our conscience and acting with unconditional love produces the highest good; cuts through the illusions of change, exposing the ever-permanent state we all have access to and in fact live in outside the delusion of illusion: joy and bliss.

Cutting through illusion we can hear our voice of conscience, our inner guidance. And, keeping a positive attitude while thinking over issues, aligns us with our conscience, producing conscientious plans and actions for the highest good.

The more we practice being conscientious, the more easily we act conscientiously, expanding our consciousness of the many shadings and gradations of any situation. Shadings present as temporary circumstances. Their illusions of permanence shattered with the infusion of our unconditional love.

Shadings of reality
exposed as temporary illusions
by acting conscientiously
repeatedly, lovingly, consistently

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