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Article in the Crystal Oasis on-line magazine, May 1999

Justifying Our Efforts

commentary by Susan Kramer

In the workplace, or anywhere, we can praise ourselves for our just efforts.

When we give the best of ourselves we reap peace of mind and contentment, internally. And in the workplace, doing good work, in line with our job description, justifies the effort we put in.

We can justify our time and effort spent in striving for personal betterment, because, the better we each become, the more people around us benefit—from our improving attitudes, caring thoughts and actions.

Time spent on ourselves
When that time is for our betterment
Our expansion in consciousness

Those around us benefit from our expanding consciousness—it is contagious. When a light shines upon us, we are made visible—we reflect that light. When the people around us have justified their time for betterment, and become shining examples of humanity, we, too, bask in that warmth, becoming more enlightened ourselves—through their example and the influence of goodness.

Justifying our efforts at work
or in any endeavor
Fulfilling our obligations
Rightly gives us satisfaction
Peace of mind
Growth in consciousness—
Becoming better people
Justifies the effort we put in
and take out
As brighter lights in the world


Competition is a mission—a mission to get ahead of where we are.

In all aspects of living we face competition. We compete with ourselves when we want to better our position, or perfect an aspect of ourselves.

It is unhealthy competition when we push another aside to get our way—when we push another aside, when they rightfully belong where they are.

In the workplace, it is healthy competition to compete against ourselves in order to learn new and better job skills—and in this way qualify ourselves to get ahead. It is unhealthy competition to try to oust another from their position by subterfuge.

The antidote for unhealthy competition is consideration for what serves the highest and most truthful purpose in the circumstance.

Trying to get ahead is great when it involves improving the quality of our own skills and then doing a job search to find that better job.

Trying to get ahead when we downplay another person, or try to take over another's position is unjust to them, and unjust to ourselves as the end result in either case, is that we lose our peace of mind, and rob the other of what was theirs. Another downside to unhealthy competition in that we reinforce negativity in ourselves at the expense of seemingly getting ahead. We are actually not getting ahead within our own character. We are debasing the quality of the person that we already are.

To keep competition healthy in the workplace requires that each person get ahead because of the work done by their own merits—not by doing what undermines another.

Promoting our good points is healthy, while at the same time we do not point out another's weaknesses. Improving our job skills is healthy, so that we can naturally stand out in the competition.

Competition is present in all aspects of living
It is in the way we compete for survival and growth
that either improves the quality of our character
allowing us to feel peace of mind
Or debases us, when we push others aside
disturbing our own peace of mind
and causing distress in another's life
Healthy competition—
Improving ourselves
Improving our skills and character
Unhealthy competition—
Usurping another's character or qualities
Healthy competition—
Bettering our own character and skills
That we may shine above the rest

Article copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer
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