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Loving Is What Counts

Susan HeleneKramer

Loving is what satisfies us
It is the energy that we feel as harmony
from single atom to worlds of atoms
All nature links in intelligent harmonious relationships
of giving and sharing through their knowing cooperation
The parts align in completed forms with lovingness as their glue
Each part serves its purpose and respects the functioning of other parts
Each atom surrendering its aspect of singleness into union of completeness
by mating with other atoms forming molecules
Love is unity
Love extends awareness into action to preserve harmony
As humans, love in the format of caring keeps relationships nurtured and expanding
Loving is what counts
Lovingness pulls the loose ends of discord back into the Self of harmony
By relaxing our self-centeredness we lovingly seep into others' lives
Imbuing each action and interaction with lovingness is the ultimate in creativity
Harmoniously blending with and uplifting by our positive words and actions
allows us and others to feel good
Our bodies feel warm and our minds content
Creatively loving aligns us with the Creator's efforts to promote
harmony in the consciousness of people
Every time we take the opportunity to find a way to create harmony
in a circumstance or interaction
we reinforce lovingness in ourselves and others
Nothing feels better to us in body or mind
than the experience of love
We feel love by loving
We create the way that makes every act the reality of love
by harmonizing all the aspects of the situation
Creative Lovingness
Harmony in every aspect of relatedness
Love is our Self
Transcending time, place, space
Love is our connection within immortality
By our increasing lovingness and caring in daily living
we come to greater awareness of our underlying Self
Proficiency in lovingness grows and develops by practice
till it flows through our actions at all times
gracefully uplifting any situation to its highest capacity
What is love?
Love is us manifesting through our purified mind
in caring thoughts and actions
The more often we are loving, the more often we are being our Self
Acting for our own and others' highest good
is the best way to show we care about ourselves and others
It is from the feeling that we are interrelated, intermeshed within creation
that we naturally act for the highest good
Eventually, we feel so comfortable interacting with others
that we realize that no one is really a stranger
rather, all are aspects of our universal Self
Seeing that everything is an aspect of ourselves
our thoughts, and their subsequent actions
we naturally begin to care about the good of all
Stretching ourselves far and wide
embracing creation in our lovingness
'Brothers and Sisters
Be warmed in heart and stilled in mind
An easeful body keeps us fine
With caring share
Joyfully feel love emanate
from everywhere
Brothers and Sisters
harmoniously bound in circling lives
encircling lives
in love's circle of joyfulness
with everyone and everywhere'

copyright 1999-2011 Susan Helene Kramer
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