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Marital Love

Susan Helene Kramer

Marital Love - Union
Marital love is union, co-mingling
transformation, reformation, expansion
of individual energies!
Marital love, by its very nature of commitment
plunges us below surface living
revealing a fuller, richer experience of love
Its depths unknown, unobtainable beforehand
Marital love gives the element of time
Much time for sharing, caring
The more time spent
being loving
the more we experience the energy of love
Unlimited Love
that energizes our own body, also
as we think, then act, with kindness, care

Marital Love - Union - Communion
In the household community of our marriage
In the transformation of our individual energies
by our union of ventures
in care and kindness
we individually become fuller than we were
before marriage
Deep experiences in living
born of our joint commitment
to experience life fully, lovingly
while interacting with each other
our physical-mental-emotional shell
While retaining our individual consciousness
we now enjoy communion
com (plete) union
a fully energized lovingness
in the depths of the refreshing pool of
Unlimited Marital Love

Poem and Leaf Art © 1998-2011 Susan Helene Kramer
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