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The Expanding Love of Soul Mates

Susan Kramer

The exquisite love of soul mates
is a bonding back into conscious connection
with the entire universe
The caring love we shower upon a soul mate
is the same love showered upon each of us
by Mother Nature
Mother Nature providing raw material
for our needs of food, shelter
and ever the flow of water perfectly made for our bodies
just as it falls from the heavens
And for upliftment the singing of birds
ever-changing coverlet of sky, pleasing colors in nature
intoxicating smells exuded by blossoms
in their prelude to becoming fruits, nourishing our bodies
Can anyone deny these gifts, inspirations, provided free?
Though we struggle with mundane problems arising in mind
the beauty of the natural world continues to ever be present
Rising above the mundane
seeing the beauty of the natural world, the beauty in our soul mate
brings us closer to realizing we are each a splendid soul
By seeing beauty in ourselves
we more easily see the beauty in others
personally realizing the ultimate state of living
marriage of mind, heart, spirit
Soul to soul, soul mate to soul mate
Love for all creation expanding
in infinite magnification


copyright  2001-2011 Susan Kramer