Susan Kramer
published by Creations in Consciousness
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Compartments of Mind

Our brain is a compartmentalized organ, with areas of specialty.

The brain tissue is permeable, and mind, using brain to function through, can concentrate in various sections by freewill. This flexibility and coordination allows areas set aside for analytical and discriminative thinking to cooperate with centers of orderliness and harmony, reaching the clearest understanding and highest solution to any situation.

Using this knowledge of the mind's ability to coordinate use of its functions to fit the situation, we can, by our own will, manipulate the mind for the cause of harmony and balance. If we find we are thinking and planning negative or inharmonious actions, or are currently living an unbalance life or disrupting other people, we can regain peacefulness.

We have a hand in balancing our mental state effectively, according to the physical brain matter's current state. If the brain matter is deficient, the mind works through a distorted vehicle. But the mind will find a way to express and train the healthy brain matter to take over additional functions.

The will to express seeks - until a way of expression is found.

By our willpower, we can adapt and implement positive harmonious attitudes in our life - overriding urges and compulsions that spring from the part of the mind that does not consider consequences of thoughts and actions.

When we find we are not feeling or acting in peace and harmony, we have freewill to move toward balance, by subjecting ourselves to guidelines we know are for our highest good. We always have that choice at any stage of digression. These guidelines are widely known ethical and moral codes of behavior expounded by religious traditions, cultural, and civil codes of all countries, serving as large safety nets when we fall from harmony in our life. They catch us, and effectively spring us back on the safe route of balance.

Compartments of mind
arranging through
compartments of brain
for expression
Balance and harmony
preserved or regained
by willpower applied
to living consciously

Dehumanization in the Separation of Physical Expression from Spiritual Reality

Holiness from our wholeness.

From wholeness we use the special attributes of each of our parts to produce the symphony of our life.

Physical, mental, and emotional aspects are our instruments - playing their solos, in turn, during the day, while remaining in cooperative concert to produce the melodious harmony of our total human experience.

The source and power for all three aspects - the driving engine of physical, mental, emotional aspects - is an internal fountain of energy we call Spirit.

Spirit is that river of energy flowing through us, unbidden, self-effulgent, powering our existence. Working from inside out and outside in, Spirit is the energy of all expression - and physical, mental, and emotional aspects, in working harmony, are the expressions of Spirit.

It is impossible to exclude the functioning of any of the three aspects and still be a conscious human being. In fact, it is dehumanizing to exclude any natural expression of ourselves that manifests from lovingness.

Even in coma or sleep, the mental directs involuntary bodily functions. And the body still houses the mind and emotions.

We need a physical body to bring forth our plans, ideas, and expressions of feelings. Through physical affectionate touch, our feelings of lovingness are shared and enjoyed.

As we grow in consciousness, from acting in accordance with our conscience, we begin to express all aspects of ourselves positively and joyfully. With positive attitudes energizing our body and uplifting our mind, our life is lived for the highest good, and our physical expressions are spontaneously affectionate and caring. What we are within comes out through our actions.

Physical Affection

Physical affection is a strong nurturing aspect of human experience.

Physical affection expresses the love and joy we feel in ourselves. Sharing affection is bonding - but not the glue that binds paper and wood, which still retain their own properties. Rather, the bonding in physical affection is an intense flame of fire that actually changes the composition of human self-centeredness by permanently dissolving barriers in the creation of consciousness unity.

Affection opens our doorways, dispelling self-centeredness. And just as we travel freely through open doorways, physical affection allows us to revel in compounded joyful energy flowing freely within and between us.

As humans, physical affection is the highest, purest, most loving expression of ourselves.

The vibrant nature of Spirit becomes known to us through the energized loving feelings generated in affectionate physical expression.


Why do we live in our human bodies on this earth?

To give up our emotions to loving expression, through extension of ourselves in physical affection, awakening consciousness of joy unbounded by the very bodies we are expressing through. That we may know that energy, which we call Spirit, really does exist in vibrancy as the support system of ourselves, and all creation.

The lovingness shared in physical affection - an expression of Spirituality.

Physical, mental, emotional
all three powered by Spirit in order to be
Physical, mental, emotional
all three in the expression of lovingness, affection…
True Spirituality

Consciousness and garden photo © 1992-2003 Susan Kramer
Previously published with the permission of author in Karmakaze Magazine, Number 9, Summer, 1992, pg. 17.
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