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Collective Morality in the Workplace

Susan Kramer

Collectively we set the tone and tenor of humanity
Each of us, together
One world family
One world consciousness

How each of us acts, reflects upon the other, as all we do is interwoven into the tapestry of the whole.

If we individually maintain a high level of morality in our work ethics—an example is set for all we come into contact with. We become a bright and positive beacon by our enlightened example. And, by maintaining our own high standard of morality, we contribute to setting a positive atmosphere.

We spend the better part of the day, most days, at work, interrelating. Work becoming a perfect chance for us to make a positive change in the world.

Morality is the outcome of living for what is best for the situation, moment after moment. Morality keeps us from asserting our self-centeredness to the extent that we think only about our own pleasure, without thinking about the consequences to others from our actions.

Morality is purity in action.

The highest morality is living with a positive attitude that translates into caring actions for others. It is keeping ourselves within the purity of saying and acting on the highest truth we are aware of in the moment. There is the ultimate Truth that we as a soul strive toward, and there is the level of truth we are aware of right now.

Morality is the present moment's truth—striving toward the ultimate Truth—acting so that the way is not blocked from view—which is by acting from caring thoughts and feelings.

The Collective Morality
An essential work ethic
Made from the moral fiber in each of us
Woven into the exquisite pattern of humanity
through maintaining high standards

copyright 2000-2011 Susan Kramer