A New Beginning

Susan Kramer

Every day is a new beginning
By adapting and acting on the highest good
Joy maintained or
Joy regained

Part One: Alignment with the Highest Good

When we awaken each day we have the opportunity and choice to live in a way that we can enjoy, that will bring joy into our life. And this is by acting for the highest good of each situation that the day presents. By acting for the highest good we are assuring ourselves peace of mind—peace of mind and energized body.

The circumstances we are in from day to day may be repetitive and similar, but our own attitude and actions make the day painful or joyful for us. By our own attitudes and actions we are in charge of the outcome of each situation. When we are given lemons, we have the opportunity to make lemonade by 'sweetening' the outcome. We do that by taking one little nugget of truth out of an uncomfortable situation, and then using it as a stepping stone for improving the day's unresolved or inharmonious conflicts. By doing our part to be positive and constructive, by doing our best, we enjoy our native natural peace and ease. Conflict about what to do arises when we want to go with an idea we had our mind set on, before we have considered all the options.

Why feel attached or set to follow a specific course when a more easeful option becomes apparent? In the end what will best preserve our peace of mind is that resolve which feels most comfortable to us and benefits everyone involved. Looking ahead to the results of a planned action helps us evaluate the best course to follow. If a decision needs to be made quickly, following our conscience keeps our body relaxed and our mind peaceful and free of stress.

The best solution is not always the easiest way. We must have courage, summon up our energy by will power, and make affirmations to do what is best in each situation so that we can maintain peace of mind every day. It helps to remember that we will be living with the results of our decisions. When there is plenty of time to consider, write down all the options that come to mind. Make a pro and con list; then choose the course to follow. By looking at a problem as just an object, we create a little distance which gives us the perspective of seeing that the problem is an issue to be resolved that we are involved with, but that it is not part of our permanent being.

Issues come and go
but we remain
the constant amidst change

Sometimes we are so set in our mind on a certain track that we cannot disconnect ourselves and follow the better plan. But, by surrendering our attachment to our set ideas, our thinking expands and becomes open to considering other options. An ice cube is hard, frozen; but as it sits in water, it melts and blends into the whole glass of water. With us, as we allow our hardened perspectives to loosen, we blend, harmonize, with the options that are most easeful and peaceful with the whole of our life and our daily life in the world.

Equitable resolve
result of clear thinking
in tune with the highest good

Part Two: Living in our Center of Balance

If we feel agitation in our body or mind we can use mental and bodily relaxation techniques such as meditation, regulated breathing, hatha yoga, and walking to calm ourselves. While feeling calm we can reflect on the internal cause or causes of our unrest. After reflecting on the reasons and circumstances leading to our agitation we can best consider and plan how to make changes in our life that will allow us to regain our center of balance. By living in our center of balance our body feels energized and healthy, and our mind is calm, clear, and full of inspiration with the outlook that will serve the highest good of ourselves, others, and all creation.

Living in our center of balance allows us to experience our true self as an embodiment of joy. In joy we are energized and inspired to think, speak and act for the highest good as we go about our daily lives. As positive thoughts return positive results, and positive actions return positive reactions, we are ensuring ourselves of an uplifting daily life.

Truly ourselves
Living in our center of balance
Experiencing ourselves
as energized bodies of joy
by holding positive thoughts
producing positive results, daily
and every day to come

Part Three: Maintaining Daily Serenity

Science has shown that people who impose the least stress upon themselves live the longest, and those that stress themselves die earliest of stress-related disease. The people who handle stress the best also enjoy life more fully. Healthy stress or 'unhealthy' stress? Healthy stress lets us know that something needs to be resolved. Healthy stress turns into 'unhealthy' stress from not dealing with the something that needs to be resolved in a positive and constructive manner. What we need to do is deal with stress as temporary situations knowing they will eventually have a resolve.

Daily activities, by their very nature of action, are not serene in themselves. We can try, but it is physically impossible to make our actions serene. What we can make serene is our mental attitude while we are being busy and active. Serenity in the present comes from remembering that in the past every problem had a resolve. And, that therefore, every dilemma of the present moment and all future moments will have a resolve, also. If we truly keep this idea in mind we need not stray too far before recapturing our serenity.

A calm interior, even with a busy exterior
Maintained, Recaptured
by remembering that today's problems
and all future problems will eventually by resolved
By adapting and acting on the highest good
Joy maintained or Joy regained

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