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Outer Symbols
Inner Sights
Click for site map. View of Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. Photo credit Susan Kramer.

Susan Kramer

Text and photo copyright 2000-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness

1. Outer Symbols; Inner Sights
2. Creating from Clarity and Peace
3. Healing the Outer to View the Inner

1. Outer Symbols; Inner Sights

Observing outer symbols gives us a moment of stillness. And in this moment of stillness, the space and time is opened for reflection.

Reflection allows a hitherto unknown aspect of our consciousness to emerge. And, in the emergence of new insight, clarity appears.

So now, the outer symbol first inspiring our moment of peace and thoughtfulness has produced an inner sign, an inner signpost, expanding our point of view.

Beautiful outer symbols emerge as the product of inspiration from the artist, their creator.

And just as this is so, our dearly beloved Creator-Sustainer is inspiring and energizing the whole 'art show', every new moment of creation.

Creation is not static. It is the product of our cooperation with the Divine Source bringing inspirations into concrete form, that we all, upon their viewing, may be stilled, allowing the inner Self a chance to come forward, come to us consciously, for play in the world.

What is here is for our use
To create upon our inspirations from within
Beautiful creations the product of beautiful thoughts
Beautiful thoughts the product of inspiration of the Divine Self
2. Creating from Clarity and Peace

Inspiring outer symbols come forth naturally when we create from a space of clarity and peace.

This is a completely natural process for solving everyday problems, too, in the workplace, and in our relationships with family and friends.

When we produce a concise and informative report at work, or write a lesson plan that really works, or even make a list that organizes our shopping trip, we are instilling clarity in practical living.

What turns out as informative and clear on the daily practical level, has its roots in harmony within.

To develop harmony and clarity in our outer creations, requires peacefulness and stillness in our mind state.

Some aids in conjoining inner and outer harmony:
1. Taking time for viewing uplifting symbols and allowing their effects to still us for the moment;
2. Reflecting on the possibilities that come to mind for solving problems or creating that needed report, lesson plan, or shopping list;
3. Maintaining a clean and organized living and workspace;
4. Keeping our personal body and space clean;
5. Adopting positive attitudes, and when faced with conflict relaxing into the peace of the moment so the best solution can most easily surface to our waking mind, and then acting on it;
6. Moderation. Taking adequate time to eat wholesome foods regularly, avoiding harmful substances; taking time to exercise, even if this is just walking part way to work, school, or shopping; allowing enough time to rest including a period in meditation or reflection, even if when lying down and upon first awakening;
7. Putting kindness into action all through the day both with self and others - taking care of our needs is being kind to ourselves.
8. And being kind to our environment of home and the great outdoors by recycling when ever possible and using the minimum of new natural resources;
9. Being non-judgmental, so that we, also, will not be judged;
10. Being appreciative to others for their kindness to us, and to our Divine Source for putting inspirations in our mind and hearts that allow us to love fully and unconditionally.

Outer symbols, inner sights
Creations without
From the Creative Source within
Giving expansion and richness
To our daily pattern of living
Allowing the purpose of living to shine forth
Knowledge of our link to divinity
Knowledge of our self in Self
3. Healing the Outer to View the Inner

The clearer our sight of reality, the clearer our understanding of our roots in Self.

Insight emerges as we grow in consciousness.

In healing our outer lives we make space for the uprising of new shoots, new growth, in the tree of our life.

As babies we begin, both bodily and in awareness. It is by growing both ways, outer and inner, that we become the fullest of humans we could ever be.

And in our fullness we most enjoy all the natural world has to offer. All our relationships have to offer. All a full conscious life has to offer.

It is in loving fully, non-judgmentally, that we expand in consciousness of our innate joy.

If we have been abusing our body through harmful substances, or abusing our mind through negative attitudes and judgmental thoughts, now is the time in history to make healing reality.

To clear up our reality requires a realistic plan of action and the following through on the plan.

It behooves us to act on our plan of action right now, to be able to enjoy as much natural joy as possible right now.

Insight into the inner is the key to motivating us to heal the outer aspects of our lives.

We attain insight by:
1. Spending time in prayerful reflection and meditation;
2. Calmly viewing all choices and picking the resolve that helps and hurts no one;
3. Approaching each situation with the attitude that a resolve will be found.

As our outer life is healed mentally, emotionally, physically, we see with insight most consistently.

Outer healing
Allows viewing the inner sight
Experiencing harmony, bliss, joy
In its fullness


Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer
Susan Kramer, M.A, M.Div. is an international author of more than 50 collections and 150 articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, yoga and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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