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Quiet Time Meditation

Auf deutsch - Zeit der Stille

By Susan Helene Kramer

Atop Santa Ynez Mtns. Pacific Ocean to left. Santa Ynez Valley to right. Panorama shot of 2 photos stitched together taken by Stan Schaap with an Olympus Camedia digital camera.

Ah, blessed quiet time. Time for Self.

Time when the outer world can be set aside, while we talk over our problems and dreams with that most intimate listening ear—our soul.

Quiet time—time when the sounds surrounding us do not intrude. Our time to listen to the eternal sound emanating from within—reaching our quieted mind out of our stillness. The Holy Vibration—the Holy Spirit—known also as the primordial sound, Om or Aum, Amen, The Word, Holy Naam—speaking to us with an ever-present voice of constancy—ever with us through all the changing events in our lives.

If we are distressed or upset, by taking some quiet time, we can reach the meeting point with our ever-present and resonant companion—lending us a soothing comfort and stability in constancy.
Susan Kramer in meditation pose
The Holy Vibration is the only constancy I have found in my life. People and relationships change. Objects come and go. My body is aging and I need to write notes to myself more often. But throughout all of this, the past 20 years I have had an underlying comfort and constancy in my communion with the Holy Vibration's soothing audible sound. During all my ups and downs this audible vibration has ever been with me—never far from my consciousness when I give myself the few quiet moments needed to tune in to it in my own head.

I hear the comforting vibration as a constant and soothing wind that resides right within my head—seemingly under the crown of my skull. Listening very carefully, I have ascertained that this soothing melody is present no matter what my thoughts are—it underlies all. As it underlies all and never leaves me—but rather fills me with joy as I tune in—it is the companion I choose to be with in my times of most intense emotion.

To make the most of quiet time and develop this most intimate relationship with the Holy Vibration requires a period of initiation. A beginning. By sitting in a quiet meditation pose or lying in a deep relaxation pose—just begin listening for your inner companion—seemingly residing right under the top of your skull. Listen. Listen. Listen. Then, hold fast to the soft melody.

As you would listen to the rain or wind outside your window and draw in its soothing comfort—listen closely to the soft wind blowing within yourself. And the more often that you listen to the Holy Vibration, the more resonant it becomes, erasing out the interference of negative thinking—which is enough reason to listen to the inner instructor!

My blessings are ever with you for making contact with, and practicing being in the presence of the Holy Vibration, your holy Self. Through quiet time spent in communion with the ever-constant Holy Vibration within, daily living is invigorated.

auf deutsch

Zeit der Stille

Zeit der Stille
Zeit ohne äussere Betriebsamkeit,
Zeit, während der wir mit dem innern Ohr, unserer Seele,
den Gedanken und Träumen lauschen.

Zeit der Stille
Zeit ohne äussere Betriebsamkeit
Zeit, um den leisen ewigen Tönen
in unserm Innern zu lauschen,
unsere Seele nährend aus der Stille.

Das heilige Schwingen - der Heilige Geist,
die Ur-Stimme Om, Aum, Amen,
das Wort, das heilige Naam,
uns ansprechend als Stimme des Vertrauens,
immer mit uns, bei uns,
in allen Wechselfällen des Lebens.

Wenn wir leiden und nicht bei uns sind,
nehmen wir uns Zeit, Zeit der Stille,
und suchen unseren Wesenskern,
uns stärkend durch Linderung und Trost.

Sitzend in Meditation oder
liegend in entspannter Haltung:
höre auf deinen inneren Begleiter,
er scheint in dir zu leben.
Horche, horche, horche... und
behalte die sanfte Melodie.

So wie du lauschest
dem Wind oder Regen und ihrem lindernden Trost,
so lausche der sanften Stimme in dir.
Je mehr du der innern Stimme horchst,
umso vernehmlicher wird sie,
auslöschend die Trübung durch schwere Gedanken.

Das Vertrauen auf deinen inneren Führer
gibt dir Kraft und Ruhe.
Mein Segen ist immer mit dir
bei deinen Versuchen,
deine innere Stimme, dein heiliges Selbst,
zu vernehmen.
Om, aum, amen.



Quiet Time Meditation; Zeit der Stille copyright 1999-2016 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Deutsche Uebersetzung durch Alfred Bruppacher

Susan Kramer, M.A. M.Div. is an international author of over 50 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, yoga, meditation, practical spirituality and social issues for children, teens, adults and those challenged with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek and Spanish and with her husband/spiritual partner, Stan Schaap lives in The Netherlands.
Photos of author in meditation pose and of mountain tops copyright 2001-2016
Stan Schaap

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