Remembering Who We Are
While Visiting Earth

Susan Kramer

Why do we visit earth?
As immortal souls we enter these bodies
filled with vibrant energy, growing in lovingness
experiencing our harmonious place in creation
Then, sliding out we rejoin our Creator-Sustainer once again
matured, enriched, having remembered who we are
Able to enjoy the fullness of our eternal home we ventured from as babes
At our beginning on earth we come as pure, clean canvasses. As our own artist, we fill our canvas with impressions gained in living, till the entire canvas is a balanced and inspiring masterpiece.

The blank canvas was clear, but by our good deeds and expanded consciousness, the completed masterpiece is radiant. And in radiance we again live who we ever are, behind the changing scenes.

Steps to building our life into a masterpiece, that we may remember who we are:

1. The Golden Rule. Treat everyone as we would like to be treated. This means harm no one by thought, words, deeds. Thought vibrations travel between us over unseen pathways, as the law of this universe is that for every action there is a comparable reaction. When we initiate good acts, our reward is that good experiences happen to us. Initiate an evil or negative thought, word, or deed and the reward will bounce back as an unhappy or painful event. Like for like. In this light, if we keep a positive attitude and help as opportunity arises, we will feel good in the moment and set the stage for further positive happenings.

2. Meditate. A stilled body helps still our mind. In the stillness of meditation we come to observe an inner vibration apart from our physical sense of hearing, and apart from our thoughts. Tuning in to this always present, constant, self-sustaining vibration calms us even more. The peace attained by observing this inner sound allows our mind to become very calm. Then we are able to listen to our inner voice of conscience which knows right from wrong, and what is for the highest good of all concerned in our present dilemma.

3. Hold positive attitudes. When we keep a positive attitude in following the golden rule, we are more likely to see good solutions. A simple chore is boring to some and joyful to others. How can this be? The action performed is the same. The difference lies in one's attitude. When performing actions with only thoughts of how we personally will benefit, we don't find lasting peace, contentment, happiness. Self-centeredness causes our mind to continually think of ways to please itself. No feelings of joy are felt because whims of the mind occupy our time.

4. Show caring. Caring brings up our heart feelings, warmness we feel in our body, and in our uplifted, expanded mind. When we perform our daily work with the attitude of caring, we feel good. Just the attitude of caring draws energy into our body. The more caring we become, building up our level of happiness, the more we see the wisdom of our positive actions.

5. Allow wisdom to develop. Experience, analyses, right deduction equals wisdom. Wisdom comes from making the effort to learn from every action. If we analyze and apply these lessons in succeeding times a best choice comes more easily. Wisdom provides a wise dome. The dome covers us with a shield against wrong action. When wisdom is achieved, the right easeful way seems the natural way. Ultimately, we attain and begin living in wisdom. Our lives become easeful, peaceful, useful, and happy. When we realize this happiness, we are realizing our immortal soul. Happiness is a quality unaffected by time, place, or circumstance. Happiness is always with us felt when we act in harmony with our fellow humans and all creation.

6. Maintain purity. Purity is the eternal essence of each atom making up our bodies and the universe. Living purely maintains our peaceful mind. When a cut glass crystal is squeaky clean, sun light shining through reflects out perfectly. When our mind is cleaned and purified by right living the divine light reflects out perfectly. The divine light serves as a beacon and model to all. As a lighthouse beacon shows ships the way to safety from a turbulent ocean storm, so the divine light shining from the pure person guides and points the way for others that they may come home safely to their full soul awareness, full soul development, into remembering who we are.

Summary: While here on earth, having become reflections of pure love, we will no longer need to revisit. No longer need the transitory elements of body and mind. We will fly free just as a butterfly emerges into its beauty, flying free of the confines of its cocoon. Freely expanding in the joy of remembering who we eternally are.

Writing Copyright 2000-2003 Susan Kramer
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