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An article in the online magazine, Crystal Oasis, June, 1999

Sole Connection to Soul Connections
—A Symptom of Bliss

Susan Kramer

Soul connections
time, place, space—
any condition

Sole connections are inverted, bargaining, self-serving relationships that come and go.

Sole to soul connections develop
when we act with care

In caring for another, we are feeling their need and acting upon it as we would if the need were our own.

Even when we are not near someone we have shown care for, we still feel love for them. This lovingness, without the need for their physical presence, is happening on a deeper level of ourselves—an everlasting soul connection.

Sole to Soul
Exclusive to inclusive
Resulting in consciousness of connection
Resulting in bliss



1. Uplifting thoughts flow through our mind;

2. We become more aware of the underlying reality of creation, while simultaneously seeing the overview; (The expansion of consciousness is both inward and outward.)

3. Our body feels energized for no apparent reason;

4. Even while our body feels energized we are physically at ease;

5. We feel interconnected, a vital part in the web of creation;

6. Kindness spontaneously flows from us, without forethought, through our actions, interactions.

Conditions that bring on blissful energy:

1. Environmental: the companionship of kind and caring people; beautiful surroundings such as nature, art, and music that stimulates a vibratory resonance in our physical body in the area of our upper torso and arms;

2. Emotional: caring actions with our family, friends, and community;

3. Mental: holding a positive attitude; reading literature that expands our consciousness;

practicing reflection on esoteric qualities; meditation; making choices for the higher good and then acting on them, consistently;

4. Physical: eating the cleanest diet possible; remaining drug free; participating in a

regimen such as a combination of hatha yoga stretches, postures, and regulated breathing—along with walking or swimming.

Optimum energy
coursing through our body
Nurturing and nourishing us
Expanding our consciousness of
who we are and how we actively participate
in creating the Creation

Repairing our shortcomings—that we may experience bliss…

Shortcomings are areas where we are lacking in virtue. It is good and useful for us to take a personal inventory of our personality and actions to see where we can improve ourselves.

We can all stand some improvement
therefore time should be spent
in the re-movement of obstacles
blocking our full experience of the Divine

Shortcomings are obstacles to enjoying life fully. If another person points out a shortcoming to us because they care about us, we should consider and evaluate their point of view. And if they have nailed a shortcoming in us, we have the opportunity to develop the virtue that we are lacking—propelling us onward toward our full capacity for fulfillment and happiness.

The pathway to Self-Realization is a refinement process—a process that includes making efforts to remove our shortcomings. As we grow in consciousness we become aware of our shortcomings, and sparked by the desire to enjoy more and more happiness, we then take steps to refine our ways of being and doing.

Only temporary obstacles and setbacks
when we are highly motivated to refine our lives
that we may enjoy our fullest capacity of bliss


Performing any action
with an attitude of gentle care
Its benefits—
A purer feeling in the doer
Comfort in the receiver

Gentle human touch—begun with mother and child—feels good and is nourishing for children and adults, alike, throughout life. Tenderness in dealing mind to mind gets the same positive feedback. When we see a situation that could stand some changing, we get a more receptive response if we first point out the good.

At home, at work, or at school
if we treat those around us with consideration
we will likely get a response in kind

When we lose our tempers it is easy to blame someone. Actually, we allow a situation to affect us negatively, and we then get angry within ourselves and explode emotionally outwardly. Realizing that events are temporary and that all problems have a resolve helps us to relax during the process of conflict, and be kinder to those involved with what we are going through.

Looking back
we see that every problem had a resolve
And it follows that future problems
will resolve equitably, too
In the meantime
Life is more enjoyable
if we are tender
in our dealings with loved ones, friends, everyone

A baseline for spiritual living...

Living a spiritual life means more than one hour of church a week. It involves, moment to moment, day to day integration of insight into all aspects of living.

We live in the spirit
by following our conscience
in all our actions
Each of our words or deeds
should hurt no one—
not ourselves, either
We and others
should benefit
from our time on earth

Spiritual living means living with happiness and joy—products experienced during the actual process of doing good. We may think that happiness comes after we attain something such as a material possession or status or wealth. No. When we attain something we soon want something more. On and on. If we analyze this idea for ourselves, from our own experience, we notice that the happiness felt from attaining something, doesn't fulfill us permanently. New wants creep in to the mind soon.

Lasting happiness is experienced from consistently acting with tenderness in all our actions—not with acquiring relationships or objects. By living with the attitude of tenderness and care we are integrating every goal that living a spiritual life is pointing us toward.

One might think that personal care means taking time out from total spiritual living. Not so. We need to maintain a healthy body and mind to feel happy. Moment to moment our state of physical health affects our thoughts and conversely our state of mind affects the physical sensations we feel in our body. We contribute to our overall health by holding positive attitudes, taking time to methodically resolve stressful situations as they present, spending regular periods in reflection and meditation, and by maintaining our body through wholesome diet, exercise, bathing, and resting. When we feel good mentally and physically happiness naturally flows through our lives.

Back to meditation for the moment…

Meditation balances out the portion of our time we spend in activity. It provides an opportunity, through lying still in deep relaxation or by sitting still, to really allow loving thoughts and feelings to swell up from our inner depths—usually hidden by our fast-paced world—into our conscious mind. Tender feelings, caring feelings are allowed their time and space. And after meditation these tender thoughts, having been brought to consciousness, more easily integrate into our daily living.

Love is eternal—
Tender love is eternal

Tender love is eternal because its existence is not rooted in the changing world of elements. Molecules are constantly rearranging. Candle wax, one minute solid, the next burned releasing the energy of heat. And our own physical body created out of simple elements again returns to simple elements when we flee it one day.

Love begins as an energy force before being molded physically. Love arising from the individual soul, when transmitted through mans' mind into action—tender caring action—becomes a solid force in our lives.

The energy for loving
comes from the Source
from the Source that created our soul
Love can be permanent
because our Source is permanent
Feelings of love do not cease
when external circumstances change

Love transcends time and place and dimension. One can feel love for another whether or not the beloved is near, far, or even still in physical form.

When we are conscious of feeling tender love for our dear ones and for all humankind, we are in happiness. Our own state of happiness is not dependent on a response to our love. Happiness is self-supporting—it is the property of the individual soul, the over soul—what we know as God. If a person does not respond in kind to our love for them that does not make us stop loving them.

Real love is concerned for the good, the highest benefit and happiness of another apart from our own gain from the relationship. We say there are many forms of love. Actually there is but one form. All true, real love contains care for another's highest good without thought of reciprocal care.

As soon as we expect love in return we have begun a business, an account. So much in equals so much out. Selfishness could said to be the withholding of love, if we felt we were not getting enough return for our investment. So we are either really loving or we are doing business for another's energy.

The soul is experienced in pure tender love, love that is without the properties of time, space, or circumstances in the physical dimension—which depends on cause and effect for its temporary existence.

Through experiencing real love we get an inkling of the greater love that sustains us. Imagine everyone being conscious of their own permanent nature—love. The only experience we can feel continuously as satisfying us is love—tender love.

Body and Mind
The tools we have to use
to experiment with
in finding out what in life gives us
the permanent joy that we seek
The balance
of active and quiet time
The taking of the tender insights
brought out from meditation
into the active roles that we play in life
Joy, peace, happiness, love—
Finding God as bliss from going beyond
the limitation of self—sole connection
Into relationships of soul connections

Writing copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer
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