Treading Lightly into Enlightenment
From December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000
Susan Kramer
Treading lightly into enlightenment
step by step, every day
'particularly on the eve of the 21st century'
by giving the care to one another
that we would give to a sibling
As we pass into the new millenium, let us consider making the inner commitment to interact with one another with the respect and loving kindness of a brother or sisteróa most precious aid in producing the full blossoming of our humanity. And, in this way of kindness and caring, we will be treading lightly into our own enlightenment.

Coming into the world, coming into a family nest, nurtures and teaches us about cooperation in the outside world. What we learn from these early examples of caring and kindness work best to show us the way of peace and harmony in all our relationships thereafter. And if we grew up in a turbulent family, then our lesson from childhood is how not to act as adults.

By either the example of early harmony or disharmony
we can look back and see
that now following the pathway of harmony
most successfully allows our natural state of happiness to unfoldó
taking a strong hold in our daily lives

Let us join with the Force of Goodness and abandon the darkness of ignorance about the source of our happiness. Let us remember that it is with an attitude of kindness and concern that we are ever immersed in, bathed, in consciousness of happiness and harmony.

Turning Toward the Light

We turn on the light in a room in order to see. Plants turn toward the light in order to grow. And, we turn to the light of enlightened knowledge, in order to see the pathway for growth in Self-knowledge.

Turning toward the light is natural and normal. The plant and animal world, and ourselves, ebb and flow in the daily cycle of lightówithin the monthly and yearly patterns of light.

Light is bright
And in brightness we shine
Light opens our horizon
Both outer and inner
Outer to worldly knowledge
Inner to Self-realization
Lightóa universal phenomenon
Available everywhere for everyone
And the Light of Self-knowledge
Also available for everyone
by their self-efforts to be good
and kind, caring in action
As we keep up our goodness
We are steeped in Light
by the light that enlightens us
Outwardly from within
Both day and night
Turning toward the eternal, internal Light
our actions become in line, aligned
Enlightened with the positive
Producing the most good in the world
Enlightening the prospects for good to flourish
in the 21st century
Copyright 1999-2003 Susan Kramer

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