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Upon Looking Within—

Staying True to What is Truthful

Susan Kramer

Staying true to what is truthful. It seems that when we decide to live up to a truth that we hold dear, that we are tested again and again to see if we are sincere. It is in the struggle to hold fast to what we believe is best for us, that gives us strength in other areas of our life, strength for making the tougher decisions seem easier.

By holding our personal truths in view, we are keeping an ideal in front of us to strive for, to grow into and beyond; thereby upgrading our consciousness.

There is the ultimate Truth that we will ever have in front of us, perhaps throughout infinity. Wouldn't eternity be boring if we had nothing to hold onto as the ideal, the carrot to strive for? Just kidding. And there are qualities that we hold sacred, that we strive to live by—the esoteric qualities that carry us into a greater expanse of consciousness as we hold fast to them, as we try to live up to their lofty goal in our eyes.

Some of the esoteric qualities that upgrade us as humans beings are:

And, if we fall down or fall away from the set of truths that we have laid out for ourselves, then, in that moment of realization we can just begin again, and then again. Eventually we will be mostly successful in our quest to live in alignment with the time-tested truths that humanity as a whole cherishes.

It is worth it to continue to strive to live our truths. Living in accordance with our truths allows our mind to stay peaceful. And when our mind is peaceful our bodily stress is reduced—the body and mind interwoven as they are, each affecting the other. Holding onto our positive ideals keeps our mind on a positive tract. And as we hold a positive attitude, our thoughts will be positive and the actions following positive also—as like comes from like.

Positive reactions
from positive actions

And, as we go along in our struggle to live our truths, we are benefiting ourselves right in the ever-present moment, because we are preserving our peace of mind.

Staying true to what is truthful
preserves our peace of mind in the moment
And upgrades our consciousness
in each coming
moment to moment to moment

copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer
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