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Two Adaptive Lessons:


and Clapping Rhythms

by Susan Kramer

Description: Adaptive Dance and Rhythms by Susan Kramer

6. Two Adaptive Lessons: Syllables, and Clapping Rhythms

Here are the ways I have taught rhythms in language and syllables of words to kids of all abilities including learning disabilities and physical challenges. I like to use songs for teaching as they are a fun way to learn these concepts; music, a tune, makes learning the words to the verses easier to remember.

Lesson 1. Syllables

This exercise is to differentiate between the 'syllables of the words' and the 'rhythm' of a song.

Students may need assistance from a partner to clap their hands. Begin by sitting cross-legged on the floor, or in wheelchairs, or in beds. 'Bobby Shaftoe' is shown here as an example of clapping the syllables of words in the melody, and the different pattern of clapping the rhythm of language.

Clapping syllables of the words in songs teaches kinesthetically about the meaning of syllables in words.

Clapping the syllables

Each syllable clapped individually -

Bob by Shaf toe's gone to sea,
Sil ver buck les on his knee,
he'll come back and mar ry me,
Bon ny Bob by Shaf toe.

Lesson 2. Clapping the rhythm

Now, moving on to clapping the rhythm of the same verse. The difference from syllables is that the spaces between words and syllables are also clapped so that the even pattern is maintained.

In language as well as music the rhythm carries us along at a certain pace which the kids learn to hear and feel in their body by doing the hand clapping. In language we have natural pauses in phrases and even in words and rhythmic clapping helps kids learn this concept. For further practice in rhythms in language poetry can be used for lessons, also.

Each syllable and underlined space clapped individually -

Bob by Shaf toe's gone to sea__ ,
Sil ver buck les on his knee__ ,
he'll come back and mar ry me__ ,
Bon ny Bob by Shaf toe__ .

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Adaptive Dance Textbook by Susan Kramer

Description: Adaptive Dance and Rhythms by Susan Kramer

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