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Christmas Angelís Message of Caring and Sharing

Susan Helene Kramer


A dayís worth of snow covered the lawn around the house the angel was visiting early on Christmas Eve. With translucent feathery wings she gently and quietly fluttered near a window, attracted by colorful shining lights within.


The Christmas Angelís arrival was not surprising. This was a time of year for miracles to happen, as had been the birth of our Lord so long ago.



And more than being a miracle birth

Lessons the babe would grow up to impart

Would be just what each in our world

Need to grow: A Divine Heart.


While fluttering suspended, looking in, the angelís view opened on to people of all ages clustered around the brightly lit tree, sheltering over so gracefully a crŤche of the newborn babe with Mary and Joseph. To the right and left of the manger wise men, shepherds and sheep were paying respect to the babe who was bringing much needed spiritual insight and practical direction to the world.


Like a caring shepherd with his flock, the babe would grow to give us instructions to in how to watch over and care for our family, community and the world.


And what was that eternal message?


Give divine love to all by caring and sharing.


The angel was gladdened to see that the people gathered Ďround the Christmas tree and manger scene were enjoying each otherís company.


To make her presence known, like the sun radiates its light and warmth through glass, the angel accelerated her vibration, radiated through the window pane and flew to land atop the Christmas tree; in a microsecond slowing down, settling into visible form.


The angel served as a reminder to those who looked up and saw the feathery inspiration upon the tree, to lift their hearts and soften their thoughts.


The Christmas Angelís message


The Christmas Angelís presence atop the tree quiets our thoughts, encourages us to meditateand contemplate upon the miracle of divine love, caring love, to bring it into manifestation every day we live on earth, till we transcend, faster than the speed of light into the Divine Brilliance of harmony and peace, following the pathway set out by our Lord.


Dearest angel

Sitting atop my Christmas tree

For everyone to see

Stay bright and light within my heart

That the Lordís message

I may impart.

Article and photo in The Netherlands by Susan Helene Kramer

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