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Angel Lessons on Gratefulness and Thankfulness

Susan Helene Kramer


The Thanksgiving feast was cooking in the country kitchen warmed by the coziness of the oven - and more so with family and friends. As the angel fluttered over the nearby tree tops she heard the sounds below and flew down to check it out.


Ma and Pa were working together to make the family gathering cheerful - with Ma in the kitchen and Pa busy keeping the pot belly stove stoked in the great room. And in their thoughts the family and friends gathered were thankful and grateful to be with each other on this special day.


Besides anticipation of the abundant meal for todayís feast, several were going back in time and feeling how it must have been for earlier world travelers stopping at this very spot where the house now stood.


So much time had passed, maybe thousands of years of peoples coming by, staying a while before cataclysmic events caused them to move on. Yes, the world of today is a stage in the evolution of our planetary home, and this is a day to celebrate and be thankful and grateful for having a warm home and enough food to eat and share.

The Angelís Job


The angel was happy to be picking up the vibrations of caring emanating from the family below. This was her job, after all - unseen by most, but in the hearts of those who had the world vision in sight. This work was being carried out every day by sharing in whatever way they could - by being kind and out of their expanding hearts giving to those in need.


In her happiness for what the angel saw looking into the lives of this family and community, she soared high overhead and sprinkled a shower of dew drops to nourish the land below to begin the growth of hearty crops for the next harvest.


Angels are not always fluttering above our heads, indeed at times they reside in the hearts of people and animals sparking and inspiring heroic acts for the benefit of others. This is the lesson of gratefulness and thankfulness we each need to carry within - to let the pure love an angel imbibes come forth as care in our kind thoughts and actions in the world.


Thankfulness and gratefulness

Gifts of angels from above

Inspiring a world vision of caring and kindness

In all hearts, in all lives.

For in reality we are linked

Dear brothers and sisters.

We are inseparable in life and beyond

An eternally interwoven family.



Story by Susan Helene Kramer; photo by Stan Schaap

Dedicated to the memory of Paul Hertl


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