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Conquering Stress and Anger for Kids Teens Adults

from a spiritual point of view 

by Susan Kramer

Dedicated to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and his ideals of peace in the 21st century. Ebook includes 34 topics for kids, teens and adults to understand and deal with stress and anger. A practical guide to pull out and refer to time and again. Each topic offers a nugget of wisdom as an alternative to lashing out. It's easier to think through a situation when calm, so restoring personal peace is practical.

A reader writes: "Oh, how I wish this book could be a staple in every library in every elementary school in the nation. It is such a valuable tool. You are a Godsend to those of us in need."


54 pages; 8.5 by 11 inch in the pdf ebook

10,000 words
Copyright 2012 Susan Kramer. Publishing, and Lulu Press Publishing


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Table of Contents

Dedication to His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama


Part I. Kids and Young Teens

Topics 1. through 18.

1. Instant Anger Release Method for Kids

2. Walk Off Angry Feelings

3. When Anger Can Be Useful

4. Form Good Habits for Anger and Stress Relief

5. Replace a Stubborn Attitude for Anger and Stress Relief

6. Aerobic Activities for Anger and Stress Relief in School 

7. Practicing Quiet Time for Anger and Stress Relief

8. Yoga with Learning Disabilities for Stress Relief

9. Yoga with Mixed Ages and Abilities for Stress Relief

10. Biking for Stress Relief

11. Instant Stress Relief Technique

12. Intermediate Quiet Time to Reduce Stress

13. Jogging as Stress Relief

14. Relaxation Response Exercises at School for Stress

15. Stress Relief Lesson for Preschoolers

16. Taking a Walk at School While Singing for Stress

17. Guided Walking Meditation for Stress

18. Water Play and Swimming for Stress

Part II. Older Teens and Adults

Topics 19 through 34

19. Instant Anger Release for Teens and Adults

20. Resolving Issues

21. Anger Robs Today's Happiness

22. Adjusting Goals

23. Handling Adversity

24. Creating Good Habits

25. Positive Thinking

26. Diffusing Temper Tantrums

27. Regulated Breathing Technique

28. Making Wise Choices

29. Difficult People

30. Analyze and Process

31. Emotions

32. Getting Even

33. Constructive Criticism

34. Finding Contentment


When Anger in Kids Can Be Useful 

Anger can be useful if it is letting us know that a change needs to be made. But, then we need to decide what changes will help us be happy again.

We can feel anger when things are not going our way, or when we do not have control over what is happening to us or around us. Talk to someone when you are feeling angry and let others help you find solutions.

Working with an adult to resolve problems helps get back to feeling in control of our lives. By paying close attention to our feelings and thoughts, and then acting in a way that everyone can happily live with is a goal to aim for. Also, make your goal be to treat everyone fairly. Practice listening to others carefully. Maybe you have similar ideas that you are expressing differently.

Use your stirred up or angry energy to create positive change. Positive change is a best outcome of angry feelings. We can not always get our own way, but we can learn what is reasonable and adjust to being content. Sometimes a new way to look at a problem or event is even better than what we wanted in the first place.


About the author - Susan Kramer has been teaching yoga, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at

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