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Conquering Codependency Loving Without Leaning

Codependency Book and Ebook

Susan Kramer

Written from a spiritual point of view, 82 lessons on codependency, stress, and anger with sections for kids, teens, and adults. Lessons can be followed chronologically or at random. Each codependency topic includes a prayer or meditation or both for reflection and inspiration. Topics include revenge, instant anger release technique, substance abuse issues, stress release, all presented in a practical way aimed at recovery. 155 pages. 21,000 words. A reader writes: "Oh, how I wish this book could be a staple in every library in every elementary school in the nation. It is such a valuable tool. You are a Godsend to those of us in need."



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155 pages; 6 by 9 inch Paperback plus ebooks
Copyright 2014 Susan Kramer

Lulu Enterprises

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Table of Contents

Part I - Discovering Wholeness

1.  Loving Without Leaning
  Natural Ways to Reduce Stress
3.  How to Make Positive Changes
  Blame Delays Constructive Action
5.  Choosing a Path
  What Is Unconditional Love?
7.  Making Life-Affirming Choices
8.  Developing Clarity
  Feeling Empathy
Finding Serenity
Teen Issues
Prioritizing Needs and Desires
13. Ultimate Happiness
Gaining Insight
Getting Centered
Part II - Tools for Daily Living
17. Analyze, Accept, Incorporate
18. Expressing Emotions Appropriately
Creative Energy
Cause and Effect
Difficult Relationships
Improving Relationships
Gaining Self-Esteem
Materialism and Happiness
Selfish or Self-Giving?
26. Releasing Control and Accepting Results
27. Standing Back Emotionally
Problems Have Solutions
29. Showing Tolerance
Part III - When Substance Use Is an Issue
30. Substance Use Issues
Implementing Change
Being Substance-Free
Part IV - Growing Beyond Codependency
34. Care-Taking
How Giving Is Receiving
36. Our Interdependent World
Let Your Light Shine
38. Compassion
Freedom from Compulsion
Congruency in Words and Actions
Congruency in Relationships
Developing a Clear Conscience
Making Course Corrections
Time Management
Attachments Can Help or Hinder
46. Releasing the Past and Living Again
47. Overcoming Neediness
Personal Freedom at Last
Part V - Stress and Anger Management

Kids and Young Teens

49. Instant Anger Release Method for Kids

50. Walk Off Angry Feelings

51. When Anger Can Be Useful

52. Form Good Habits for Anger and Stress Relief

53. Replace a Stubborn Attitude for Anger and Stress Relief

54. Aerobic Activities for Anger and Stress Relief in School

55. Practicing Quiet Time for Anger and Stress Relief

56. Yoga with Learning Disabilities for Stress Relief

57. Yoga with Mixed Ages and Abilities for Stress Relief

58. Biking for Stress Relief

59. Instant Stress Relief Technique

60. Intermediate Quiet Time to Reduce Stress

61. Jogging as Stress Relief

62. Relaxation Response Exercises at School for Stress

63. Stress Relief Lesson for Preschoolers

64. Taking a Walk at School While Singing for Stress

65. Guided Walking Meditation for Stress

66. Water Play and Swimming for Stress

Older Teens and Adults

67. Instant Anger Release for Teens and Adults

68. Resolving Issues

69. Anger Robs Today's Happiness

70. Adjusting Goals

71. Handling Adversity

72. Creating Good Habits

73. Positive Thinking

74. Diffusing Temper Tantrums

75. Regulated Breathing Technique

76. Making Wise Choices

77. Difficult People

78. Analyze and Process

79. Emotions

80. Revenge

81. Constructive Criticism

82. Finding Contentment


About the author - Susan Kramer has been writing on social issues from a spiritual point of view since the early 1980s. Her web site is

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