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Anger Management Meditations

Two Instant Anger Release Techniques

Here are two instant meditation techniques to release a sudden buildup of anger. They work like taking the lid off a pot of boiling stew to let the steam escape.
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1. Instant Anger Release Technique

Standing or sitting, stretch arms out to the side just away from the body while mentally sending the tension down the inside of the arms and out through the fingertips.

Then do a few minutes of even meditative breathing to calm the body-mind. Example: breathe in one count; breathe out one count; breathe in one count and continue.

2. Walking Meditation

The walking meditation to further calm down and think about what led to the anger.

Take a walk for 5 minutes or more, swinging your arms back and forth: when your right foot steps forward, your left arm swings forward, and when your left foot steps forward your right arm swings forward.

Keep your breathing even, such as 2 steps to breathe in and 2 steps to breathe out.

While walking, think about the reasons you get angry in the first place? Frustrated with others or yourself?

Here are some thoughts to consider

Energy applied
To living the highest good
Processes, digests, integrates
Resulting in clarity of mind
Relaxation with life.

Harmonious by choice
Avoiding frustration, anger
By thoughtfully, peacefully
Aligning with the highest good.


Further techniques

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