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Life as a Dancer and Spiritual Teacher 

Autobiography of Susan Helene Kramer

Life overview of how intertwined dancing and spirituality have been in shaping me, plus twelve stories about turning points along the way, from childhood through retirement - illustrated with photos from my dancing days at Jacob's Pillow to the present. 9,200 words.

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I. Overview

1. Introduction

2. Childhood; Adulthood

3. Dancing; Teaching; Research

II. Turning Points

1. Gifted with an Ecumenical Outlook

2. A Spiritual Cure for Loneliness

3. Be Still and Know Yourself

4. Thirtieth Birthday Transformation

5. Expanding into the Golden Light of Soul

6. St. Francis to the Rescue

7. Blessed Mother's Message at Woodland Altar

8. Uncovering a Spiritual Mission

9. Lessons in Charity I Learned from My Dad

10. Christmas Miracle - Stranded at High Tide

11. Washed Over by a Wall of Water

12. A Dark Night of the Soul - Facing Retirement



Susan Helene Kramer has written thousands of articles on dance and spirituality, and is the author of the Rhythmic Movement Dance Series in the Gateway to Educational Materials - Project GEM - of the United States Department of Education.

Book List

Gentle Yoga and Meditation for Adults

Adaptive Dance and Rhythms
Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Meditation for all Kids
God Speaks through the Holy Spirit
Meditation Lessons for Teens and Adults

Rhythms and Dances for School Age Kids
Rhythms and Dances for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Yoga for all Kids
How to Sew Cloth Dolls and Costumes
Fundamentele bewegingen voor kinderen met dansjes, meditaties en yoga

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