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Awakening in Consciousness

Susan Kramer

Every experience in our life has but the soul (sole) purpose
of developing consciousness of ourselves
as an infinite body of bliss
The force of our Soul
to develop itself more fully in consciousness
ever driving our mental thoughts and actions
The energy of consciousness
supported by the scientific maxim
of cause and effect
Loving creating more loving

Pertaining to our soul, consciousness is awareness of and alignment with the highest good as we perceive it, in every new moment of our existence. As our level of consciousness rises, our desire to harmonize prevailing circumstances with the highest good becomes automatic. Consciousness aligned with the highest good is like waking up, with a sigh of relief, from a dream where events were happening beyond our control. Awakening into consciousness allows us to enjoy our natural peace and contentment. As we become more fully awakened we harmonize with the greater picture, because we are adapting more ease fully to changing circumstances and relationships as they occur, without resistance.

The 'conscious person'
considers the whole situation
before making personal decisions
affecting others

To develop our own consciousness, and its result, a life of contentment, requires maintaining an ethical lifestyle combined with the choice to act for the highest good that we are aware of in each moment, even when we would prefer to do or have something different.

Our Unlimited Soul Dimension

Our soul truly is of unlimited dimension. But at physical conception our soul centers its seat of consciousness in a 'bodily' disguise. We dress our soul, (along with the mind it uses to assimilate and relate with),in the costume of a body for the purpose of gaining more consciousness of ourselves.

Our body and mind are composed of elements that derive from energy. The body elements are composed of earth elements and at physical death go back to their elemental form. The elements composing the mind are of a finer nature in relation to the elements composing the physical--but they are still definable as energy. At physical death the mind survives and accompanies the individual soul until man no longer needs the mind's help in realizing his only permanent nature: his soul.

The soul is not composed of energy or elements. Its property is permanence. The property of the body-mind changes form, energy to matter back to energy. In the written word and on the intellectual plane the body-mind and soul can be explained. But the soul can only be realized by experiencing its nature--and this happens quite easily through the practice of meditation. In meditation the body becomes still. The still body helps by example to still the running of thoughts through the mind. The mind should be give none thought to concentrate on to still itself--an uplifting word or phrase is appropriate. By this continued practice the body-mind is made aware of its permanent self or soul or individualized spirit.

Contacting and Experiencing Our Soul

In meditation the soul observes a constant hum of energy at first observed in the head. By deduction we analyze and find it is not part of the mind because the mind can have thoughts going on while the hum is still present in the background.

The property of this cosmic hum is one of constancy--always present in us in our every atom, in every atom in nature and every atom of the mind. This cosmic energy vibrates continually, upholding all creation. Scientists can see that the movement within the atom is continuous. The fine form of the cosmic hum is what sustains this atomic movement. In scripture this intelligent creative aspect of God, this cosmic hum, is known as 'The Holy Spirit', third person in the Trinity, the force creating and sustaining the manifest universe. (This is but one example of how parallel scientific and religious understandings are.)

Who is listening to or observing this cosmic hum? The Soul. Our individual soul observes the actions of our mind and mind-controlled body always. But the soul is never touched negatively by our thoughts or actions. Our soul observes as if from a grand stand, watching the parade of events go by. We get so involved with the passing changing events that we identify with each new 'float' as it goes by and forget that we are just observers. In meditation we have the chance to sit back as observers once again and watch the parade go by.

Peace is experienced when we realize
that all of life's changes can not really affect
our state of consciousness negatively or permanently
We were Soul before we took on this body-mind

For eons, our soul carries along the package of an unseen mind--an unseen mind that reacts to input; processes data; stores and processes and stores ever more data--data that is acted upon in our subsequent mental thoughts and physical actions. This package of evolving mind aids our continual growth in consciousness of the very soul that is carrying it along. And when we grow so much in Self or Soul consciousness that we need not use the package of mind or body to gather experiences leading to our fullest bliss; we then abandon the limited baggage of both our mental aspect and physical body forever.

In Summary: Through meditation we have contact with our soul and come to feel our integral link with every other soul. And through meditation we become aware of our life's purpose--growth in awareness of our everlasting home in joy, peace and never ending perfectly fulfilling love. We each then stand at the center of the universe; aware that we--as Soul--are an infinite body of bliss.

A body of bliss
that is what we are
We become
through experiences on earth
ever more aware of ourselves
Our Soul
our Self as bliss

copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer