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Yoga Pose for Strengthening Lower Back

For Kids, Teens and Adults – the Gentle Snake


By Susan Helene Kramer – Shuchi



It’s never too early or too late to take care of the lower back: this sequence is for all ages.


The pose strengthens the lower back and the abdominal muscles through a series of stretching, contracting, holding, relaxing repetitions as follows:


Part 1.




Lie on back, bend knees, wrap arms around knees and pull knees toward body, hold for a breath in and a breath out. Release arms and stretch out in corpse pose (as in photo of boy just below).



To begin:


You can do the Preparation first or begin here:


Lie on back. Stretch legs out, then, flex knees with soles of feet firmly planted on floor. Rest arms alongside of body on floor (as in the 2 photos with flexed knees).

Press lower spine below waist to floor or firm surface.


Bending the knees allows this position.

Allow upper back to remain relaxed.

Holding this position, take a deep breath and slowly release it.


Then breathe in your natural rhythmic pattern.

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Part 2.


Contract (suck in) abdominal muscles while pressing the lower back into the floor.


Hold position a few seconds, then relax muscles for a few seconds.


Breathe in while contracting abdominal muscles and breathe out when relaxing.


Repeat entire sequence.



The back strengthening pose is included in these ebooks:
Yoga for All Kids, and Gentle Yoga and Meditation – for Adults
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Copyright 2002-2013 Susan Helene Kramer - Shuchi

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