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Ballet Dances for School Age Kidsebook

by Susan Kramer


Four complete lively ballet dances for ages 5 to 12 and any number of students. Many piano musical selections suggested, or use rhythm instruments such as the tambourine. Each dance gets progressively longer and more advanced. Academic benefits of learning ballet listed. Companion to my textbook: Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced. 1,800 words. PDF is 16 pages.


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I recommend buying the PDF version so it can be printed out and 3-hole punched into a binder, for ease of reading and teaching the ballet dances.



Corners of the Room

Walls of the Room

Key to Text

Academic Benefits

Musical Selections

I. First Ballet Dance: 56 Counts

II. Second Ballet Dance: 64 Counts

III. Third Ballet Dance: 80 Counts

IV. Fourth Ballet Dance: 96 Counts

photo used in cover art:
Bronze; Pêcheur dansant la tarentelle 1832 by François Joseph Duret 1804-1865
Le Louvre, Paris, France
photo credit Susan Kramer

Susan Kramer Booklist:

About the Author: Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Dance of Johns Hopkins University, and has been teaching ballet, rhythmic dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965, and maintains a large educational web site at She is the author of the "Rhythmic Movement Dance Series," part of the Gateway to Educational Materials, project GEM, of the United States Department of Education.


Links to Buy:

PDF | EPUB | Apple i-tunes | Kindle | NOOK | Google Play Ebook |

This textbook is dedicated in memory of
Barbara Zivi Douglas
a dear friend of my youth
whose involvement in creative arts and dance were an inspiration.
Living near one another on the Magothy River
we spent many enjoyable times playing
with our Chesapeake Bay retriever dogs
- Barbara's Sailor and my Ben -
and swimming, doing crafts and exploring the woods.

Page created: September 15, 2017