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Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced
by Susan Kramer

Klassiek ballet voor beginners en gevorderden
door Susan Kramer

copyright 2002-2015 Susan Kramer
The Netherlands
Nederlandse vertaling door Stan Schaap


Ballet and Dance Books and Ebooks

Description: Little Dancer at 14 by Edgar Degas; photo credit Susan Kramer


5c. Beginning Syllabus - Allegro Center Practice

Black = English
Rood = Nederlands

1. Coupé Dessous et Dessus à Terre
arms in 2nd, from 5th position point RF fwd to 4th to begin,
close back to 5th and at the same time point LF back to 4th,
continue this sequence -
repeat all with LF front

2. Coupé Dessous et Dessus, Sauté
as above with a spring fwd and back

3. Petit Jeté Devant et Derrière
face wall 5, arms in 2nd, stand in 1st -
springs with R and L leg alternately up -
in front for devant and behind for derrière

4. Chassé Coupé to 2nd Position
arms in 2nd, facing wall 5 moving to side,
slide RF to 2nd,
slide LF under RF which goes to demi point -
move R and then repeat L

5. Glissade Derriere
face wall 5 in 5th position RF behind, arms in 2nd,
slide to R, RF leading, close 5th LF front -
repeat to L

6. Waltz Step
series of 3 walking steps -
plié first step, normal walking steps 2 and 3

7. Polka with Demi Tour
moving across floor do one polka facing fwd
and the next facing back, hands on waist

8. Temps Levé Devant et Derrière
slide hop in arabesque position, alternating legs -
devant moving fwd, derrièrre moving back

9. Pas de Boureé, Temps Levé
3 runs and hop with one leg raised slightly behind -
repeat with other foot leading

10. Petit Jeté, devant et dérriére
"small throwing step"
raise R leg fwd knees slightly bent,
spring on RF lifting L leg fwd
same with leg raised in back

11. Echappé Sauté
"escape jump"
jump to 2nd open arms demi second
jump to 5th changing the F and arms

12. Glissade dérriére
"glide in back"
slide back fast to side, open arms to 2nd
lift other foot and close to 5th front, lower arms

13. Preparation for Assemblé
A. brush
to side and close front as at barre
B. same as at barre

14. Sauté in 5th, soutenou
soutenou to straighten your knees after each step,
jump in 5th in 4 cts,
ct 1 - bend, ct 2 - jump, ct 3 - bend, ct 4 - straighten knees

15. 3 Glissade dérriére, sauté 5th
3 gliding steps and jump in 5th

Échappé on demi pointe
"escape half toe"
spring out to 2nd on 1/2 toes
spring into 5th with demi plié - no change of feet

17. Waltz turn with 1st Port de Bras
one waltz step fwd and back
turn once with 1st port de bras
18. Polka turn
1 polka fwd and back, making a complete turn

19. Balancé Paysan (peasant)
"waltz rustic"
leap on RF to R side, turn Body R,
step on L toe behind R heel and step down on RF
hands on hips
repeat all to L side

20. Posé on demi pointe
"step half toe"
small developpé fwd with RF and spring to both
pointes at once and spring down through feet -
1st port de bras

21. Temps levé, pas de bourrée and entournant
"movement lifted"
- 3 runs
hop on RF in 2nd arabesque and 3 steps opening arms
repeat with turning for entournant

22. Révérence
step to side ct 1, cross back in 4th ct 2,
plié ct 3, straighten knees - stretching back leg ct 4,
hold ct 5, close 5th back ct 6

This complete ballet series in English is available
as a 100 page paperback manual
Description: Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced by Susan Kramer

New: Nederlandse inleiding tot het boek
 "Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced"

Description: Dutch introduction to Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced by Susan Kramer



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