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Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced
by Susan Kramer

Klassiek ballet voor beginners en gevorderden
door Susan Kramer

copyright 2002-2015 Susan Kramer
The Netherlands
Nederlandse vertaling door Stan Schaap


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Description: Little Dancer at 14 by Edgar Degas; photo credit Susan Kramer


6b. Intermediate Syllabus - Adagio Center Practice

Black = English
Rood = Nederlands

1. Fourth port de bras
prep: face corner 2, R arm up, L to side, head L
ct 1 - open arms to side head erect
ct 2 - arms up head R
ct 3 - arms meet in front, head erect
ct 4 - R arm up, head L

2. First port de bras, arabesque, retiré
"long flowing line - withdraw"
first port de bras 3x
plié on R front leg - extend L back in 4th arms fwd à terre
straighten R knee & life L in arabesque, arms open
retiré L - bring L toe front of R knee
turning to face corner 1
arms down & up to 5th overhead
close 5th font & lower arms through 2nd

3. Two body positions croisé devant et derrièrre
"crossed front & back"
cross front leg - raising back arm
cross back leg - raising front arm

4. First, Third, and Fourth port de bras,
croisé devant et derrièrre
2 on each port de bras and croisé devant and derrièrre at once

5. Fourth port de bras with rotation
reach fwd with R arm to touch the floor,
circle body R and straighten -
repeat with L arm

6. Sixth port de bras
5th position LF front facing corner 1
chassé attitude a terre -
plié in 4th and transfer back, front arm up,
plié in 4th transfer fwd, back arm up,
arms 5th en avant in 4th plié

7. First, Third and Fourth Port de bras,
Grand rond de jambe à terre
one 1st port de bras,
one 3rd port de bras,
one 4th port de bras,
one grand rond de jambe à terre as follows:
plié, stretch L leg back R arm up, slide LF to 2nd, arms 2nd,
slide LF fwd in 4th to face corner 2, L arm up, lower arms,
straighten supporting leg and close 5th

8. Fourth port de bras, Developpé arabesque retiré
4th port de bras 3x from retiré,
developpé back leg into arabesque
with front arm up, (croisé derrièrre position)
retire back leg to front of supporting knee - arms 5th en haut,
close 5th front, lower arms

9. Five body positions with port de bras
begin facing front in 5th position RF front,
arms en bas, then rotate to each of the positions:
1. croisé devant,
2. a la quatrieme devant,
3. a la seconde,
4. a la quatrieme derrièrre
5. croisé derrière

10. Grand battement
"large beat"
3 fwd in 4th
1 retiré from front to back closing 5th
repeat with other leg

Battements tendus with épaulement
devant et derrièrre
"large stretch - use shouldering - front & back"
from 5th back to 2nd & close 5th front with demi plié
head & shoulders to front foot 8x
from 5th front to 2nd & close 5th back -
head to supporting foot 8x

12. Developpés in Three body positions
a la quatrieme devant, with relevé and 1st port de bras
a la seconde, with relevé and 1st port de bras
a la quatrieme derrièrre, with relevé and 1st port de bras

13. Second arabesque
ct 1 - arms fwd
c. 2 - battement tendu to 2nd with RF - arms open to 2nd
ct 3 - lift supporting heel
and turn to face 6 in 1st arabesque (same arm & leg)
c. 4 - open arms to 2nd
ct 5 - cross R arm fwd to 6 in 2nd arabesque
(same arm and leg) keep shoulders square to 6, head R
ct 6 - hold
ct 7 - lift heel & turn to face fwd
ct 8 - hold

14. Half promenade into first Arabesque
chassé to 4th to corner 2, R arm fwd,
lift L leg and promenade 1/2 around to R
lifting heel each time to move
finish facing 8 in 1st arabesque -
R arm fwd - and stretch arabesque

15. Battement tendu
4x with demi plié, 4x without plié
4x with relevé in 5th - en avant et en arrière
with épaulement, head and shoulder to working F

16. Chassé into attitude à terre
chassé into attitude à terre & close 5th back with 1st port de bras,
chassé into attitude à terre & close 5th back arms to attitude,
chassé into attitude à terre & close 5th back,
grand rond de jambe endedans on a plié, with the 1st port de bras

17. Three arabesque à terre and en l'air
facing front, from 5th position, RF front:
ct 1 - arms fwd,
ct 2 - battement tendu to 2nd, open arms,
ct 3 - lift supporting heel and turn into 1st arabesque
ct 4 - still facing wall 6 - open arms to 2nd,
ct 5 - change arms to 2nd arabesque,
ct 6 - change arms to 3rd arabesque,
ct 7 - lift supporting heel, turn to face fwd, arms to 2nd,
ct 8 - close 5th back and lower arms;
repeat L

18. Cinq Relevé
adagio - very slowly - "5 rises"
developpé encroix - unfold leg in shape of cross
grand plié and relevé in 5th arms down
developpé a la quatrieme devant with a relevé and lower heel
developpé a la seconde
developpé a la quatrieme derriere
developpé a la seconde
developpé a la quatrieme devant
demi plié, degagé and close in 5th back

19. Grand rond de jambe endehors et endedans
cts 1, 2, 3, 4 - full plié
cts 5, 6, 7, 8 - straighten
cts 1, 2, 3 - relevé
ct 4 - lower heel
cts 5,6 - retiré
cts 7,8 - developpé fwd
cts 1,2 - carry leg to 2nd
cts 3,4,5 - carry leg to back en l'aire
ct 6 - jeté back on RF, LF at R ankle
cts 7, 8 - petit battement around akle, retiré
cts 1,2 - developpé L leg back in 4th
cts 3,4 - carry leg to 2nd
ct 5 - carry leg fwd in 4th, face corner 1
ct 6, arms 5th en haut
ct 7 - rise on demi pointe - ct 8 hold
finish by closing 5th and lowering arms

20. Pirouette
endehors - outward
prepare, 4th. turn 4x R - 4x double - use of head
prepare, 4th. turn 4x L - 4x double - use of head

This complete ballet series in English is available
as a 100 page paperback manual
Description: Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced by Susan Kramer

New: Nederlandse inleiding tot het boek
 "Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced"

Description: Dutch introduction to Classical Ballet Beginning to Advanced by Susan Kramer

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