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Virtues for all Kids - Table of Contents

1. Teaching Kids About Forgiveness
2. Teaching Kids to Accept Delayed Satisfaction
3. Teaching Kids that Being Kind to Others Feels Good
4. Teaching Kids How to Listen to Their Conscience
5. Teaching Kids How to Practice Being Nice
6. Teaching Kids Good Character Skills
7. Teaching Kids How to Be Helpful
Yoga for all Kids ebook / book with more than 15 additional virtues - social skills

Teaching Kids How to Practice Being Nice

by Susan Kramer

Being nice is a circle of sharing, but it has to start with someone. And when it starts with you, you will be the one with plenty of friends. On the other hand, if you stay away from people or don't go out of your way to be nice, then you won't have many friends.

And what is the point of making and nurturing friends? It is a happy way to live. Kids of most abilities can learn to be nice by modeling those around them such as teachers and parents.

Here is a way to practice being nice: Lie down on your back and relax your body completely. Breathe evenly in and out and close your eyes.

Now, imagine you are walking across the playground at school and it is full of kids enjoying recess. Some kids are gathered in groups talking, and others are playing dodge ball.

You notice what they all have in common is they are communicating with others in a nice way and they look and sound happy.

Over on the bench you see a new kid by himself who is longingly watching others play together. Now, see yourself go over to the new boy and introduce yourself. Ask him some things about himself like his name and where he used to live. That is a way to start up a conversation.

And while you are being nice and friendly, notice that you feel good. You notice, too, that you have more energy suddenly. That is what being friendly does, it gives us a nice boost of good energy.

Now finish your practice session by opening your eyes, stretching out and resolving that the next time you are on the playground you will search out someone who is alone and brighten up their day and yours, too, by beginning a conversation and being nice.

The more we practice being nice throughout the day the more automatic it becomes as a way of living. And when we are nice to others there is a better chance they will be nice to us in return.

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Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens
Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens by Susan Kramer

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