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Bluetits - Pimpelmezen
In a Home Garden, Castricum, The Netherlands

Photo Story by Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

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1. June 22, 2003. Parent bluetit getting ready to pass a morsel of insect into the youngins' whom we have yet to see. It is said it takes 5,000 feeding trips to raise a baby. One day they will fly out and abandon the nest till next winter; then they will huddle inside the nest for warmth.
Description: Bluetit parent. Photo by Stan Schaap.

2. Our friend Aloys sitting and Susan trying unsuccessfully trying to view the baby bluetit. We could barely hear the chicks peeping. June 22, 2003.
Description: Susan trying unsuccessfully to view bluetit chick. Photo by Stan Schaap.

3. Here is a parent bluetit. They have blue back feathers and a yellow underside. June 22, 2003.
Description: Bluetit parent. Photo by Stan Schaap.

4. Moving ahead to June 29, 2003 we see the first little head, actually wide-open mouth, waiting to be fed.
Description: Bluetit chick and parent. Photo by Stan Schaap.

5. The birds seem to be able to hang upside down. June 29, 2003.
Description: Bluetit parent and chick. Photo by Stan Schaap.

6. June 29, 2003. The parent really flutters its wings when holding still sometimes - reminiscent of a hummingbird.
Description: Bluetit chick and parent. Photo by Stan Schaap.

7. Parent zooming away to catch more insects; they are insectivores.
Description: Bluetit. Photo by Stan Schaap.

8. Hmmmm, I wonder where that little one is?
Description: Bluetit. Photo by Stan Schaap.

9. The first baby poking its head out - it is now June 29, 2003, and the first 2 babies flew the coop. Susan was extremely fortunate to see 3 babies fly out, vigorously flapping their wings and landing about 12 feet on the low roof and the fence; then zooming off not to be seen again.
Description: Bluetit chick. Photo by Stan Schaap.

10.  and 11. Well, this is the 4th baby (body about 4cm long) on the morning of June 30, 2003. It followed sibling number 3 out of the nest, but wasn't quite strong enough to fly and hopped down to the garden below and sat under the hydrangea bush. These leaves are on a ceanothus bush. For about 6 hours it called to a parent for help?  or food?  sounding: tsu, tsu, tsu ... tsu; hopping along under the bushes, staying under cover. Twice a parent flew down and fed it, finally leaving the chick on its own. Late in the afternoon after hours sounding its call, it flew away.
Description: Bluetit chick. Photo by Susan Kramer.

11. Chick number 4's portrait shortly after hopping down to the garden from its nestbox. Aren't they fluffy - white cheeks and just a hint of their later yellow underbelly.  Stan and Susan are suffering empty nest syndrome now and wondering if they will come back to the nest box in winter?
Description: Bluetit chick. Photo by Susan Kramer.

Bluetit Bird - Pimpelmees

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