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Bodego Bay - North of San Francisco

Susan Helene Kramer


Bodega Bay is shaped as an inlet along the Pacific coast in Northern California about 40 miles north-west of San Francisco and 20 miles west of the town of Santa Rosa. The north-south San Andreas Fault cuts right through the northern end of the bay at Bodega Head peninsula.

I visited the bay in the early spring and was glad I was wearing my windbreaker over a heavy sweater. The wind coming off the ocean was brisk and chilly. Itís better to be prepared for colder weather when on the coast north of San Francisco. Fog rolling in keeps the temperature cool in the nighttime even in the summer. Seagulls on a fishing pier wait for the dayís catch to come in on the commercial fishing boats.


The average low temperatures run between 35 F. in winter and 49 F. in summer.In summer the daytime temperature could average in the low 80s so that is a 30 degree drop at night.


If youíre driving north from San Francisco set out on RT. 101 N till almost in Santa Rosa; turn west onto RT. 1 to Bodega Bay - total distance about 40 miles.

If traveling south from Fort Bragg you might want to take RT. 1 south about 88 miles all the way along the coast. You canít imagine the gorgeous cliffs and scenery of the Pacific Ocean brushing up against the boulders and rocks. It is breathtaking.

Bodega Bay is in the National Register of Historic Places and is California Historical Landmark Number 833.

Doran Regional Park offers RV and tent sites. Families can use the boat ramp, go fishing and picnic.The address is - 201 Doran Beach Rd, Bodega Bay CA 94923 and can be reached off Rt. 1.Website address is listed just below.


I liked the relaxed atmosphere of Bodega Bay. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy some quality family time or take a retreat into nature yourself.




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Doran Regional Park website for visiting and camping information -


Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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