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Bodies – Earthly and Heavenly

Experience by Susan Kramer


While on earth we each have a physical and spiritual body. At death we set the physical body aside and reside in our spiritual body.


While on earth we have the opportunity to develop strong spiritual qualities through our thoughts and actions, such as thinking kind thoughts and being kind; sharing and caring; giving our free time and extra resources; sharing talents; helping to solve problems.


When we shed our physical body and leave earth we continue growing using our spiritual body. We need no longer be concerned with things of the earth such as food, shelter, possessions, and negative thoughts such as anger and jealousy.


In heaven we make progress by our own steam, not what others do for us. It is our continuing uplifting actions that propel our forward and upward spiritual progress.


Meditation on earth


Meditation is a spiritual practice that we can do while on earth, reaping the reward now, while improving our future possibilities.


I find that I lose body consciousness while sitting still and meditating. What a relief to not have physical concerns for a while. When my physical body is still I feel mentally energized. I feel joy. I feel radiant.


After meditating when I start moving my physical body again the uplifting energy stays with me.


I recommend regular meditation on uplifting qualities such as the virtues to develop a more positive mental attitude.


It is a blessing that we have both bodies – physical and spiritual while on earth, and can exert our forward growth in love and wisdom through being good and kind, toward the time when we are released into the spiritual body fulltime.


Let’s make positive spiritual growth while on earth – it lasts more than a lifetime.


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Bodies – Earthly and Heavenly May 23, 2021 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of garden in Montecito from family archive


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