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Words Are a Boomerang

by Susan Kramer


Words are a boomerang whether written or spoken. They are sent off traveling with energy while spinning in circles, returning to their starting point.


Let’s be careful not to be unkind in our spoken and written words.


Who thinks it is worth the pain of negativity boomeranging back on us?


There is no pause before negativity boomerangs back to us.


It happens right as we create an unkind thought by polluting our pure mind, leaving us with an unsettled, selfish, self-serving feeling of isolation from others.


Kindness and compassion are curative antidotes to negativity, giving us that furry feeling of warmth when written, spoken, or acted upon. We feel good while showering kindness upon others.


Words are a boomerang.

What is sent out returns to us instantly.

Negativity out, stress felt within.

Kindness out, peace and connectedness within.


Also a Tribute to my mother (April 8, 1925 to April 1, 1984)


My Little Sister

by Susan Kramer


Outside we ran across the fields

Picked dandelions, daffodils

And with our childish hearts of love

A measure given from heaven above

Presented mother our pure gifts

Received with smiles, a look of bliss.


As time rolls on we’ll always be

Sister and Sister eternally

Near or far in time matters not

For sisters are ever in God’s Holy Heart.


       In memory of our mother, Jane Frances Theresa Kaspar (April 8, 1925 to April 1,1984)




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Words Are a Boomerang, August 16, 2021 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of balancing rock near Emmen, The Netherlands (viewed from moving train)


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