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Lake Casitas Water Adventure - Ventura County

Susan Helene Kramer


Lake Casitas is located in Ventura County on Rt. 150 between Santa Barbara and Ojai, nestled into the mountains a short distance east of the Pacific Ocean. The offerings at the Lake Casitas Water Adventure are suitable for toddlers and older kids to enjoy with adults. My family likes visiting when the weather gets blazing hot, taking the drive from the coast into the mountain resort in stride.


The offerings include a shallow pool with bubblers and sprinklers, a large playground structure in the pool with a suitable covered slide into the water; and a river of water that moves, and can be enjoyed while floating on an inner tube.


On the grass surrounding are lawn chairs and umbrellas to rest in the shade. To prevent an attack of bees no food can be brought in, but you can enjoy a picnic off the tailgate of your car or van. Be sure to bring along water bottles, sippy cups for the kids, juicy snacks as well as the usual picnic fare. There is a food concession at one end of the amusements.


You’ll need to bring sun hats for everyone and perhaps sunglasses. And most of all keep the sunscreen renewed often, UV protection is important. This is a water adventure that is low-key, and because my family enjoys it I recommend it to other families or groups of parents with kids.


The cost is $12 per person, but kids under age 1 are free. Also, there is a $10 per car charge to enter the Casitas Recreational Area. The water adventure is open in the summer beginning at 11am each day, and closes at 6pm on Sunday to Thursday and 7pm on Friday and Saturday. There is a reduced rate of $5 per person for coming just the last 2 hours of the day.


If you’re driving from north Rt. 101 on the coast, after Carpinteria, exit going north, inland, on Rt. 150 and follow all the way to Lake Casitas to the sign to enter the water adventure at the north side of the lake. Coming from Ojai, exit west onto Rt. 150 at the south end of town. Follow into the winding mountains to the water adventure signs.


One of my favorite sights on this drive is viewing the very big and old avocado trees along the mountain road on the way to Lake Casitas. You can tell you are really in the womb of avocado growing, and mixed with aromatic citrus orchards the effect is refreshing and uplifting.


This is the  Lake Casitas Water Adventure website to confirm open days, times, and charges –


Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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Santa Barbara, California USA
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