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Celibacy and the Clergy

by Susan Kramer


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Not everyone is cut out to be celibate. It is not nature’s way to continue the species, which is our primary function in having sex if we are physically able. The secondary reason for a sexual relationship is to grow in deep caring while sharing. In a committed relationship we have plenty of opportunities to share and grow in kindness and caring, becoming the best version of ourselves.


Many faiths on our planet require their clergy to be celibate, removing the possibility of off-spring to care for, and giving up the intimacy of affection and sex. Clergy are expected to give their energy to many, the community, and develop caring for others in that spread out way.


How many people are willing and able to resist nature’s call to love each other deeply and intimately through the natural bodily expression?


When a clergy has taken the vow of celibacy, and it becomes an issue to resist the natural call to indulge physically, a choice must be made to keep the vow or not.


For peace of mind and removal of frustration, one may have to change roles. Find a way to serve humanity that allows for natural physical intimacy.


Looking at the plethora of spiritual clergy and leaders who took vows of celibacy, but did not keep them, my opinion is that vows of celibacy, not being the natural course of living, are too challenging in the freely mixing modern western society.


Celibacy and the Clergy Copyright © 2023 Susan Kramer; Photo of cliff in Santa Barbara, CA by Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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