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Compassion for Ourselves
Compassion for Others

Susan Kramer

Compassion for ourselves allows each moment to grow in radiance.

We need to be compassionate with ourselves at our current stage of development. Right now is our starting place from which to go forward.

Adopting a positive outlook and in-look means accepting the moment as it is and knowing that the next moment can be better because of our positive attitude.

Compassion and acceptance of our current stage of development, while keeping a positive outlook, allows expansion in consciousness while going forward.

By acting for others' highest good we develop compassion. We are actually benefiting ourselves by acting with care because our mind is peaceful and our body feels energized.

To develop compassion:
1. Adopt a positive attitude with the task at hand. A positive mental attitude energizes our body for action.
2. Follow the 'golden rule'. Act in the best interest of the situation in the same way you would ideally want to be treated in a similar circumstance.

Taking time to develop compassion rewards us with feelings of joy while acting.

Compassion for ourselves, while we become more loving, develops our capacity to experience our consciousness ever more fully.

copyright 2001-2011 Susan Kramer